Petition: New Chat Channels

Should there be multiple channels in the chat?

  • No, one channel is fine.

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • Yes, two channels would be useful.

    Votes: 6 50.0%
  • Yes, three channels would be useful.

    Votes: 3 25.0%

  • Total voters
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With the recent influx of new members, the chat has been increasingly overcrowded.

With too many members in the chat many people get Chat Lag.

Other can't even get a message across because their message is flung to the top in a matter of seconds.

I say that we bring in new Chat Channels in order to decrease Lag and increase the rate of messages that actually get the point across.
Of course we would keep these channels public in order to make sure nobody feels left out.

So, I am creating this petition in order to convince the mods.

Those who have signed:
1. AfroLH
2. mako321
3. Zero
4. snowpenguin
5. pkmnjunky7
6. J.D
7. nobble

(Also, this is how most user suggestions should be handled, not just by one member ;))

Here, added a poll for y'all. -Mario
I agree completely, we need at least one more public channel with all these people online at once. Put my name on the petition.
T_W: Only about 1 or 2 should do.

We don't need as many as we used to have, as they will never get used.
I know this is a petition but I think to be fair there should be a "Disagrees section".

Poll would be nice.
Everyone is just going to pile into one room anyway. I think we could just bring back private channels and be set.
lol petition.

Private channels won't be making a return.

Also, we will take this under advisement, and we may or may not add another channel.

J.D said:
What was wrong with private channels in the first place?

We(the administration) discussed this previously.

Simply put: People used it as a form of exclusion, and unless a mod is invited we can't get in.

They aren't coming back, so stop asking.

Oh that's cool.

Meh, your reasoning rather sucks. But that's just my opinion.
J.D said:
Oh that's cool.

Meh, your reasoning rather sucks. But that's just my opinion.
If what SS says is true, then:
Multiple chat channels = no moderation

I think about two weeks ago it was agreed the chat needed more moderation.
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