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Hey, I'm a brand new user here, you can call me Smudge. I've been watching the work of community members here for a while and finally decided I wish to take on the task of creating a GameCube portable! To get right to the point, I wish to know where a lot of things are purchased, and if the items I've selected below are compatible, wise, cost-effective decisions.

Obviously I need a screen, and I think I've found a screen I can use. It's 12 volts which can be pulled from the GameCube's 12 volt line without a step down regulator (if I understand correctly), it has composite video input, and it's 800X480, sufficient to display the GameCube's 480i output.
Please let me know if I'm overlooking something or if there's a better value or better quality screen. Also let me know if you've use one similar to this one :)

Next I need a mod chip, such as the Wii Key Fusion (which is no longer produced from my understanding) or a WASP Fusion. I was planning on purchasing it here. If you know that source is bad, or know of a better one, please let me know. Also, if there is a better mod chip still around please let me know the name and where I can find one! On top of that, I'm not entirely sure how to wire them, but if I understand correctly, they are made for the Wii, but wired in a crude way to function for the GameCube. Is there a guide for this?

I reckon hearing the game is a priority. I've found switching headphone jacks and replacement DS speakers.
I also need something to control volume. The screen I've selected seems to have volume control buttons, but says nothing about audio or sound in the spec sheet about it, other than the buttons. Is this referring to something else I'm unaware of? Should I get a wheely volume adjuster? Will this audio solution suffice?

Up next would be the case in which I build it. I have seen these things build in a multitude of cases, and I'd like to know if anybody suggests one specifically. Considering this is my first time, I'd like one with ample space for the screen, batteries, controller components, and GC mobo itself. The only one I've really looked at so far is this one. I've also seen people make/modify existing cases, and I would like to be informed on the methods of that as well (though I don't plan on doing much more than dremeling a plastic case for my first build).

As mentioned in the last section, I need batteries! Unfortunately, this is the category I know least about. How many? Which kind? What specifications? Wiring guide? Total noob in this regard... Sorry! :oops:

I plan to use these tact switches for the controller (probably hot glue gunning a real controller's key caps on them for aesthetics). There seems to be a lack of documentation on the L and R buttons, and analog sticks. Apparently 3DS sliders have been used in the past?
Are these tact switches fine? How should I make L/R buttons that have both light press and full press? How should I do analog sticks?

Then some misc things... I'll be using these for everything I need to switch. What kind of wire should I use? Obviously something thin and small. Any recommendations or things to be aware of with wires/wiring?

I know this is a huge post, but I really don't want to mess things up or fry parts or order incompatible parts! Thanks so much for any help you can offer, I really admire the work of the community members here <3 or or for everything from tact switches, power switches, all different sized wire, resistors, LEDs, potentiometers, etc for battery packs, pcbs, individual cell batteries, lithium-polymer cells (flat batteries) for your Megadrive and wasp fusions for SD loading of games. It's Megalomaniacs site and he is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy member of the community. This is where you get your modchip. has different stuff that can be useful and amazon for cheap TFT LCD screens depending on what you're looking for and for premade enclosure shells you would need to frankencase
You can also get batteries from ebay such as these. That is if you want to make your own pack.

You want to look for Panasonic and not the cheaper knockoff ones which do not have the same mAh capacity as they state they have. The ones with tabs are best unless you plan on using a battery holder inside your case. you can solder your wires to the tabs. If you go this route you will also need a pcb which isnt included with them to protect from over-charging/over-discharging.

If you are not planning on using zenlocs custom regulators then you will need a 12v input, and would need a larger pack. If you plan on using that case I would suggest also using zenlocs custom regulator to save yourself some space.

If you already ordered that screen you linked, if it's anything like the ebay/amazon screens such as this, then a 7.4v setup should be able to power the screen and the rest of your portable.

You could also just get a premade pack like this one and save the work and confusion of putting it together yourself. That pack would require the need for the custom regulators though, but also would extend your play time i believe.

Hope that wasn't too confusing lol. Goodluck
I used the 7 inch model from buydisplay in my gcp and the image is not bad at all, especially for that price. I powered it directly from the brick as the 12V line on the stock regs was busted... It doesn't have any audio input.
For audio you will need an audio amplifier for the speakers and a dual gang potentiometer to control the volume.
Fantastic, thanks so much guys! I was waiting for my tax return to order parts, so now I'm waiting on parts to start building!

So far I've ordered:
4x GC controller extension cords (So I can plug in extra controllers)
2x 3DS XL replacement analog stick (Low profile analog replacement)
50x Carbon Film 1K ohm Resistors (Analog replacement/whatever else)
1x Mayflash 4 port GameCube controller adapter (So I can test analog replacement easier)
100x 4pin tact switches (Button replacements/whatever else)
1x replacement 3DS button cap replacement set (Button replacement aesthetics)
2x SD card slots (Memory card replacement (and mod chip reader relocation))
20x toggle switches
1x 5 inch LCD TFT 800x400 screen (Display, duh)
1x Tri Wing screw driver (Because my friend won't let me use his iFixit kit anymore)

Further questions and concerns:
I need a dual gang potentiometer to control left and right separately without downmixing to mono, right? Thanks for bringing that up, I probably would've just bought a single gang potentiometer without thinking about it. :)

Any specific recommendations for audio amplifier and speakers?

Zenlocs custom regulators look a bit under-documented. I may still consider it as a possibility, but for now I'll plan on using a larger battery pack (which I'll wait on anyway). Perhaps something like this.

I seem to have over looked heat distribution. How should I address that? Maybe two small inward-facing intake fans on either side and an exhaust fan on the back center?

Thanks again, if I come up with any more questions, I'll post them here :)

EDIT: I bought the toggle switches after writing the post, added them to the list.
Smudge said:
Any specific recommendations for audio amplifier and speakers?

People on this forum seem to like the pam8403. Personally I used adafruit's class D audio amplifier which give great sound. You could also tear apart any portable speakers to get speakers and an audio amplifier.

Smudge said:
I seem to have over looked heat distribution. How should I address that? Maybe two small inward-facing intake fans on either side and an exhaust fan on the back center?

I can't really visualize what you are saying :p. Are you using the stock heatsink? If so you can cut it to embed the stock fan inside it. Then you just need an intake hole and an exhaust hole in your case, and maybe some kapton tape to direct the airflow towards your exhaust hole. Kinda like this guy did:
If not then you may want to look into those IBM thinkpad heatsinks, they're mad small and include a fan.
This thread has some great info about cooling solutions: