The Legend of MR.


Probably SS
The Legend of ModRetro
As told by ShockSlayer

Once upon a time, there existed a website, called It had forums, where many members spent their time, discussion and creating new mods. It was a happy community, and it had many members, who had great ideas, and loved to fellowship with one another. But hard times fell among this haven, and it's creator, Ben Heckendorn, was beginning to lose interest in his hobby, as he wished to pursue other interests. This was short lived, but not short enough.

Among these many members were three individuals, who would change this community and it's people forever. ShockSlayer, an accomplished N64 portablizer, PalmerTech, a brilliant guy with many ideas, and Bacteria, an old man whose self-righteous misconceptions and evil plots would be his ultimate downfall.

Bacteria, who was a self proclaimed wiseass wiseman, falsely prophesied that the happy community of benheck would soon reach it's downfall. He based this on benheck's recent proclamations of boredom, and assumed that this boredom would grow and take Ben away from us, as well as taking the site down with him. This did not bode well with PalmerTech, who began forming idea's of a backup site, as there had been statements by the benheck staff that bacteria's proclamation was not true. This way the userbase would be safe, regardless of benheck's leaving or not. He passed on bacteria's proclamation to ShockSlayer, who was sad to see the site hit hard times, and agreed to help with the backup. The site was born and would be kept secret, until more signs of a shutdown were present. Few users joined the site, and it was safe. They called it, ModRetro.

ModRetro started from humble beginnings as a clone, with tweaked names to avoid appearing as a direct carbon copy. As benheck grew more and more stable, the three individuals began forming plans and other aspirations for the site, making it public and hoping for peaceful co-existence. Although for PalmerTech and ShockSlayer this was true, unbeknownst to them for bacteria it was not. The difference between the dynamic duo and bacteria was their relationships with the benheck staff. Palmer and SS were fine with the BH staff, but bacteria was not. He had issues with them, especially with certain members like Triton. All said and done he had a bad history of fighting and disagreeing with them, to the point that some members made hate logo's for him. Other members sided with him, and they joined ModRetro, feeling like they joined it as a resistance to the problems they had with benheck, which was far from it's original intentions. Eventually, ModRetro was seen as nothing more than a hate group, composed of several angry individuals who wanted to cause conflict. Bacteria had successfully convinced both PalmerTech and ShockSlayer that this was true, and they followed him, becoming something that they truly didn't believe in.

As time went on, bacteria seemed to be the one running the site, controlling both PalmerTech and ShockSlayer to his whim and using the site for his own personal agenda. He attacked several staff members on the way they did their job, to the point of which one was demoted. His reasoning being: "the image of the site." He attempted to push his plans of hostility against BenHeck onto us, and would undo administrative actions that ShockSlayer would do, such as completely replacing 2 hours worth of custom smiley integration. Without asking. He would also present plans for the forums, and then ask for a vote with limited options, and once people complained he would reply with: "I'm just doing what you told me to." When he had problems with certain staff members, he would go behind their backs without saying anything to them, then attack them once he had support. He caused disunity within the staff, and discord among the sites. Bacteria was one nasty virus.

BenHeck had an innocent yearly portablizing contest, known as portable palooza. It was held in great regard as an event not to miss, and many entries were made. Bacteria entered in this contest, and made a portable which he entered. Meanwhile, he had been discussing with PalmerTech and other members of the so-called "resistance" about a joke entry that would be made, and that he wanted everyone to vote for it, in hopes of making a joke of the benheck contest and causing more discord between the sites. Prizes were thrown into the mix, and the voting was finally at hand. Many nice entries were made, and the joke entry was submitted by one of bacteria's peons. Eventually, as the votes were finally tallied, it seemed that the joke entry and bacteria's portable were in the top 4, the joke entry taking 4th, which was right out of the range for being eligible for a prize. One of the other winning entries was a portable by marshallh. After seeing the votes, he knew that something was up, and withdrew his spot, moving the joke entry up to third, eligible for a prize. This infuriated several members of BH.

A great war ensued between the forums, with ModRetro claiming it wasn't rigged and BenHeck claiming it was. Many flames were thrown, and many angry posts were made. People seemed to forget about the prizes and made it a battle of pride, not of territory. Meanwhile, seeing the discord, ShockSlayer woke out of his state of being bacflax brainwashed, and decided that the Benheck side was right, and that ModRetro's side was wrong. But it wasn't so much ModRetro as it was bacteria. Many members went with the ModRetro side blindly, and others just wanted to throw flames. It appeared that bacteria was the only one who seriously believed MR was justified, even PalmerTech knew it was wrong. ShockSlayer was emotionally torn between the two sites, with his moral being benheck and loyalty being ModRetro. What made it worse was that he saw what he had truly done as a result of following bacteria. He had hurt a great portablizer, hailrazer. For you see, hailrazer donated the prizes for the contest, and the prizes won from the joke entry and bacteria's entry were going to ShockSlayer, so that he could make a portable to sell to pay for any of ModRetro's expenses. Even after all of this, hailrazer was kind enough to let SS keep the prizes, and forgive him. This act of forgiveness gave ShockSlayer the determination and motivation to finally deal with the main problem, which was an old man with a pole up his ass.

ShockSlayer pushed against bacteria's evil reign of terror and destruction, by trying to completely purge PalmerTech of his bacflax brainwashing, and telling the whole truth to the BH admin he trusted, bicostp. He pushed to limit Bacteria's power over the site and gathered support from other individuals who didn't believe in bacteria's evil ways, such as jleemero and bibin. Bacteria knew he was being attacked, but he didn't give up. He still had some control over PalmerTech, the founder and ultimate decision maker of ModRetro. He pushed on PalmerTech, trying to convince him that SS was just trying to take over the site and gain more power. After seeing his arguments fail, he gave PalmerTech an ultimatum: Either SS and several other members go or I do. PalmerTech finally made the right choice, and chose SS and his pals over a butthurt britfag. Bacteria knew it was time for him to go, but contradicting to his public statement he didn't want to go down quietly. He sent nearly 100 private messages to individual members about his leaving, and tried to explain how he was right. His final public statement was condemning me and the site, prophesying to PalmerTech the the site would go down within two months.

As with his previous prophecies, it did not come true. ModRetro hit a golden age of prosperity, and finally began to show what PalmerTech and SS hoped for: co-existence. These many weeks and months were great for ModRetro. Everyone became friends, good times were had, and friendly passing jokes were exchanged between the sites. All was well. However, ModRetro was not perfect, and it did have it's fair share of problems. Like DNT. DNT was a problem. He asked to be banned, and so we did. He was just looking for an excuse to hate Modretro, for unbeknownst to us, a greater evil was lurking in the shadows. Soon after DNT's banning, a website was made, called cybersteam portables. It was bacteria, and he was back. But only temporarily. The website was seen by ModRetro and BenHeck patrons alike as bacteria trying to start his own personal army, and was soon taken out of the picture. It was a metaphorical stomping out of the hot cinders of a dying fire. ModRetro enjoyed more prosperous time to flourish, and it did.

Suddenly, without warning, ModRetro was attacked! Someone had gotten into the cpanel, and began tearing apart the site! THe MR admins had forgotten to change the password on the ModRetro cpanel and bacteria still knew it! Giving it to DNT, and informing hailrazer of his devious plan to destroy MR, he sat in his double wide chair of despair and watched his evil plan unfold. Little did he know that his evil plan would be done in by his own trust. DNT couldn't do it alone, so he hired the only person who didn't hate him. A random member of benheck named Klaymator. Klaymator took to the site, and being puppeted by DNT, caused chaos by deleting the chat and the forums. However, unbeknownst to DNT, he had a conscience, and he backed up everything before he did the evil deeds. ModRetro was in panic, several members such as AfroLH set up IRC chats to shelter unsuspecting victims. With PalmerTech busy, and the other 2 admins SS and Mario MIA, MR turned to it's final hope: legendary psuedo-hacker 90's anti-hero jleemero! Fighting against Klaymator in an epic hacker battle, he eventually defeated him. Klaymator saw the evil, repented, and then worked with jleemero to restore the site.

But all was not finished. The innocent citizens of utopia ModRetro blamed Klaymator, and Klaymator revealed to them that it was DNT who orchestrated the attack. But Klaymator was unaware of bacteria's involvement. After it was all over, hailrazer revealed to PalmerTech the truth, that bacteria was behind the entire incident. Angered by these recent events, SS and Palmer set off on a quest to defeat the evil bacteria once and for all. PalmerTech found DNT's lair and attacked, threatening the evil DNT with his life, scaring him to the point to where he would completely rat out his master's evil plans.

Now it is time for a final showdown with bacteria, and PalmerTech and SS are ready.

How much of this is true, how much of it is exaggerated storytelling, and how much is pure bunk?

Having been through most of it, I can say that up to the point of us being attacked it's mostly real. After that, I have no idea. I know that DNT was hated for at least some reason...
This is about as accurate as a high-budget "Based Off A True Story" movie.
Correct about most everything, but lacking certain details, and exaggerating events and characters.
Epic. I wonder why i never noticed anything on the Klay/Dnt/Megabite attacks....



Thats what i keep think his name looks like.
if you guys still have his ip, the best thing to do would be to ping attack/DoS attack him, no matter how bad that is.[/influence]
No, no, no. No form of retribution on either Bacteria or DNT will be pursued, period. Vengeance only leads to more vengeance.
AfroLH said:
Twilight Wolf said:
No, no, no. No form of retribution on either Bacteria or DNT will be pursued, period. Vengeance only leads to more vengeance.

Morals can kiss my ass. Time to kick ass and chew solder, and I'm all out of solder.
No. We are bigger than that. Can you imagine? Us, a bunch of 16 years olds, bigger than a 42 year old englishman with a job, a house, and a wife? Sure, being bigger than DNT is easy, but bacteria? llololololololol

J.D said:
AfroLH said:
Twilight Wolf said:
No, no, no. No form of retribution on either Bacteria or DNT will be pursued, period. Vengeance only leads to more vengeance.

Morals can kiss my ass. Time to kick ass and chew solder, and I'm all out of solder.

As I said in the chat, "enjoy your lead poisoning! :D"

But seriously, what good would retaliation do? It would just start an internet war, people's feelings would be hurt, and it would cause more problems than it would solve. Right now, we're taking the high road and not sinking down to Bacteria/DNT's level. It shows that we're the more mature ones and that we won't resort to getting revenge.

EDIT: Diplomatic 400th post for the win! :D
That's weird, I clicked on that link and saw the posts there...quick reply fail? Sorry about that.
Are you sure you're not looking for the "Favorite Chatroom Quotes" thread?

EDIT: No problem, Jidan. Just double-check next time!
Based on the Dunae and Brando rap of Zelda 2, up to 1:06

Once apon a time in the land of Modretro,
Everyone was fine and Everything was cool
until the dark moron Bactria came and said
"this site will Fall! shock slayer will Take oOOOOOOOver!"
And now it's my 391'th post, now all of the sudden there's
a Quick scope here "he's dnt!" not again
Lets ban him! now im readin' the topic so funny,
Dnt attacked a long time ago? was i there? Why didnt i notice it? "who knows!"
This war is so confusing, when the heck did it take place? "I dont know!"
When did this attack take place? Where the heck was the topic see? "i dunno!"
Me and all the other noobs, shockslayer, you know i've been here long,
im not complaing, so i'll guess i'll just type in my post, switch my memories,
its a whole new forum, theres no contest ss, ima Just rapping see,
DONT ASK ME! ... r_embedded
It's the Legend of ModRetro and it's really rad
those attacks from DNT were pretty bad
Cpanels, cybersteam, and chatrooms too
with your help SS pwns noobs
yeah, go palmer, yeah get ninja

awesome! Intense....

The modretro internet drama: your bacteria helps you *Can'tSayThisOnTV* it up
Legend of MR wrote seperatly