help with GDEMU/Dreamcast handheld


How it goin guys, I can't find anywhere to even start with this issue, and thought i should maybe reach out here. I bought a handheld dreamcast with a GDEMU installed, however the SD card holder shattered into a million pieces (which i've heard is quite common with the earlier GDEMU versions) and long story short i decided to just replace the GDEMU outright, but now I've bumped into a problem installing the GDEMU, as the original modder opted out of the standard optical port and instead appears to have soldered a flat flex cable from the main board to the gdemu:


So generally they removed the plastic port on the GDEMU so that it looks like this:

The flex cable got pulled off when i was trying to get to the original GDEMU, but now my new replacement has the plastic port i have to remove:

I guess my question is, how do i safely remove a port like this? I have a soldering kit with solder paste and solder, as well as a microscope camera for soldering, and i assume i have to heat up some contacts to remove this thing.
Also, the original flex cables seem salvageable, and i THINK i can resolder them onto the new GDEMU board:

the contacts seem to still be on both cables. Does anyone know how hard this replacement would be? am I SOL?
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Your best bet here is to get a hot air gun, from there it should be pretty straight-forward to solder the cables back on. With FFC the key is not to hang around too long.