Origins of your username?


I've noticed a lot of odd user names while on forums. Some cool ones, but mostly odd.

My user name is a name I made up for a character back when I wrote lots of fiction fantasy. (No, the main character was not a pumpkin nor did he have anything to do with them.) I've used it for most games I play, and tons of other crap. Even though I stopped writing years ago, the name's stuck with me.

In any case, reveal where your user names come from!
jleemero said:
It my name.

Never would have guessed.

Yoshilime comes from when i played mario cart DS and you could name your character. I had many names, Ice yoshi, Magnetic yoshi, Dry koopa, Ice koopa, Dry yoshi etc, but i remember one time my bro used my ds to play like 12 people at a pokemon tounetment and he hit someone with a red shell the split second he passed them and then they started yelling asking who yoshilime who. MR comes from my benheck days, when the form was were going, i wanted to join MR because of the awesome people. because i was respected very little (some could say i still am) , i wanted a new name, Modretro, MR yeah.
Ive always had a nact for numbers (math Geek) and Ive always love shooter games, first before QuickSkop3, I had El1teSnyper. Im also a big fan of spelling things wrong, because it shows you spend more time on Video games than you do at school :awesome:

But I love school, so ya, thats my origine.
"J.D". I have no clue why the *Can'tSayThisOnTV* I chose this username.
Bennet is my middle name, shortened = Ben
Tomo is a japanese suffix for friend = tomo

(I love japanese and hopefully plan to learn it)

The mystery is solved.
Contrary to unpopular belief, my username is not an acronym. Well, not one that makes any sense anyway.

My most common username before XCVG was XTChrisTX. Well, I wasn't sure about Benheck and I didn't want it with the same name. That and XTChrisTX was a troll years ago. So I kept an X, because that's integral to all my usernames, added a C, for my name, and VG, for video games I guess.

When I joined BenHeck, I really loved Mario.
Chose that as my username.
It migrated over here.
When I was first setting up my first email, I spent hours trying to think of a good name that nobody else was using. My name is Palmer, and I like technology, so PalmerTech. The only other PalmerTech on the internet is a can manufacturing company, and I now beat them in Google. :p Always stuck with this username since.
I have my workshop in my basement. I didn't put it there until after I made this username. :p

Just a spur-of-the-moment thing.