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I'm making this thread to save Epicelite and Eurddrue some time making it themselves. This thread is also useful for those that really can't be bothered to dig through DE's countless items for the truly useful stuff.



epicelite said:


Don't worry, only Epicelite's links are referrals. If you feel dirty for helping people out, don't click on those. The rest are safe and free from my greedy hands, though.

I'll edit this post as I find more. For now, this should do. If I missed anything you feel is necessary for this list, by all means post and let me know. I'll add it when I get the chance.
HOLY SHI- :pervert: :pervert: :pervert: :drool: Now this is what I was talking about! DX thread for sticky!
I think this is all fine and nice, but posting referral links is a bit inappropriate I'd say.


DX is great, etc.
jleemero said:
I think this is all fine and nice, but posting referral links is a bit inappropriate I'd say.


DX is great, etc.
If someone wants them removed, they don't need my permission. I don't mind either way, since the only referrals are in the links to the screens, and those benefit Epicelite, not me. The others are just copy/pasted directly from the site.
I don't see what's wrong with referral links. The person who found the product for us gets a bit of kickback, and it's not really any trouble. Anyway, I'll find some stuff and post it later.
Basement_Modder said:
I didn't think to post this in the junkyard, either, because I wasn't the one selling stuff. Oh well, you're the boss.
I agree with this post. The Junkyard is for sales between users, not off-site shopping. I'd suggest this either go in General Modding Skills or Random Electronic Questions.
ßeta said:
I think it belongs here. It's buying stuff. This is the buying stuff forum.
While I do agree that this is the "buying stuff" forum, a new modder isn't going to look here for information on where to start, tools-wise. He'd most likely head to General Modding Skills for the basics.
I don't think a new modder is going to know where to look at all. :mrgreen: Even if that is the first place they'll look, we shouldn't put it there. Imagine if we put every resource there? "How to relocate a cart slot" "How to solder" "How to buy things on DX"

See what I'm saying?
"How to solder" would actually be a very useful guide to stick there, and relocating cart slots isn't a "general" modding skill, so it wouldn't go there. All I'm saying is that it's more of a general modding resource rather than a "Hey guys, come buy my stuff" thread.
Sorry for the double post, but there doesn't seem to be a link to a Blue LED...
I bought that soldering Iron and I must say that it is an improvement over the $15 Radioshack one I had before. It's much better for modchips and tiny solderpads. It has a nicer/pointier tip too. 30W is perfect for anything I solder.

Did the Chinese do something right for once?

PS: Anyone need a modded Gamecube?
Basement_Modder said:
meh, I'll stick to my trusty weller pencil tip. Although at the price of these irons...

Stick with your Weller. Cheap soldering irons are crap, little good for anything but burning holes through stuff.