[WTC] ~$425 Commission For GCp Internal Wiring

For starters even though ive been sort of trolling these forums and others like it for about 3yrs now, im relatively new here. I dont have finished projects or much participation outside of the few PMs I've sent out there....so after reading SS' guide to the junkyard (twice) I know it's near impossible to be taken seriously without a rep but here's to putting it ALL out their and hoping for a skillful helping hand.

He also said to be detailed, so please excuse if this post seems at all lengthy

Over ten years ago, on a whim I drew what I imagined a portable version of my favorite system would look like (a GC ofcourse) not knowing it could ever be possible. Cleaning my attic I stumbled on the beat up paper a few years back and did research on if their were maybe clones...but just then with the help of a friend, I discovered this whole community and have been awestruck ever since; obsessed with one goal ever since...to make a childhood dream a reality. so I revamped the design, amped up my soldering iron, bought 2 Wasps, a Mega drive V5, 3 mobos and a billion mistakes later...a somewhat working prototype (screen,audio amp, memcard slot a all wired up to mobo)! I mean talk about difficult! One stupid mistake later I got distracted by nephew and let my soldering iron turn my project into a messy hot glue burned mess..my 7" NHD monitor even cracked from the heat. I lost everything and haven't had the time or the drive since...granted I was probably going to commission the rest anyway I have shaky hands turns out and soldering the wires from the disc drive to the wasp was already tearing my hair out. Long story short with a new baby in the house, two jobs and no time on my hands i find myself with a dream I don't wanna give up on and would like to commission a partner to help me see this through. I'm offering the money, most parts provided and equal credit...after the portable is complete and painted I plan to print a fake serial number with your username hidden on the label for the world to always see and of course to be mentioned on any forum from their on out if their talking about this one. Looking for a PARTNER to help build the NincuboSD for me and my nephew who might never get to properly play Wind Waker!


The wiring I'd like to commission includes:
INTERNAL Memcard Slot A
EXTERNAL Memcard Slot B Port
WASP Fusion to mobo (can provide wasp)
Controller 1 wired directly to mobo
EXTERNAL player 2 port
EXTERNAL video out port RCA type

And I might need a few other connections but to be left as labeled leads for me to connect later such as Y signal to screen, audio out or power connection's.

Also looking for someone with good communication skills.
Of course I'll pay for shipping back and forth if necessary also willing to pay a negotiable fee upfront once confirmation you've began wiring up

Please...anyone up to the build and would like to talk further detail feel free to contact me via PM or just plain here I'll be checking frequently. Thanks for reading. If you've read it all

Later Days,