Weird Acting Second Hand N64. Is It Moded?


Hello this is going to be made short because I have written about this in Reddit but haven't been able to get any feedback from someone willing to help.

I bought a N64 in Japan and when I play a game on it either in a speech bubble or by sound affect it will say the phrase しんでください which means please die, or die please.

All the games do this and I got them in different stores, so I believe it to come from the N64 itself. My theory is that it was moded to do this before I bought it.

However, I do not know much about console modding so I can't say for sure so I came here to ask if anyone knows anything about this?

If you want more info you can read the full prompt here.

Thanks for the help!
I have massive doubts about any of this, but I would love to see proof and/or pics of the internals because then I get to start having fun if it's true.