1. C

    Weird Acting Second Hand N64. Is It Moded?

    Hello this is going to be made short because I have written about this in Reddit but haven't been able to get any feedback from someone willing to help. I bought a N64 in Japan and when I play a game on it either in a speech bubble or by sound affect it will say the phrase しんでください which means...
  2. A

    n64 Controller wire

    I will be getting an N64 again, and want to extend the reach of the wire so I can play comfortably from my couch. Can anyone tell me what type of wire I need to get to use so the controller still works normally?
  3. Jacobbbb

    Raspberry Pi 3 n64 reading real carts?

    Essentially what I am trying to accomplish with my minimal knowledge of modding is to take an original n64 shell and put a raspberry pi 3 or somehow fit a mini itx pc in it so it is able to run various other emulators and whatnot but to also be able to read real n64 carts and to use the original...
  4. frostedfires

    Nintendo 64 Classic Mini

    Transformed my friends SNES Classic into a Nintendo 64 Classic after it caught on fire... Ended up keeping it and giving him my SNES Classic so he wouldn't be without one.
  5. G

    Would this screen run off 7.4v?

    Hello, this is a dumb question but I was wondering if this 12v/24v screen:http://www.ebay.com/itm/US-HD-7-800x480-TFT-LCD-2-Video-Input-DVD-VCR-Ultra-Thin-Car-Rear-View-Monitor-/262745041781?hash=item3d2cd32b75:g:AuoAAOSwaB5XuStV would run off 7.4v for my N64 portable. Thanks in advance!
  6. G

    Would this battery, PCB, and charger work for an N64 portable? *Solved*

    Could you use these batteries: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-AUTHENTIC-PANASONIC-NCR18650B-3400mAh-Rechargeable-Battery-JAPAN-BUTTON-TOP-/112133708356?hash=item1a1bb09a44:g:IJUAAOSwFe5X1vQR with this PCB: http://www.batteryspace.com/pcbfor74vli-ionbatterypack8a-1alimit.aspx and with this...
  7. G

    extract blast corps n64 models

    I have several emulators like pj 1.6 and 1964 emulator and I can not extract the 3d models of the game blast corps I am having problems it exports the textures nor the files nor with the folder vrlm it extracts the plugin this with problems