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It's a stock CPU-40. I'll be trimming it shortly. It was acting pretty finicky at first but now looks like everything is functioning normally as far as I can tell. I removed all the components only on the top of the board. The wii motherboard is starting to look pretty barren and trimmable with all those components removed!
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Im having a hard time understanding your description. Would you be willing to post pictures or some way for me to visualize the problem?
I made a pinout for relocating the bluetooth module. This is for the 6 layer boards (CPU-01, 20 and 30), 4 layer boards seem to differ by the vias on the back side?

I based this on orangeziggy84 pictures. Bluetooth works fine with just the test points connected, for full functionality gman found that pin 5 of the bluetooth socket (marked yellow here) also need to be connected to be able to turn on/off with wii remote. In a portable this might not be needed if there's one central power switch anyways. Some models of the bluetooth module have a via under the sticker that you can solder to for pin 5. Testpoint 3 (red) is for sync, it starts looking for wiimotes when this is bridged to 3.3v.
Link for full res
Also worth noting: I found a wii mini with a code of 10 on the inside. This could be a new undocumented motherboard revision. Every wii mini I have checked has a code of 01 on the inside. The shop wanted $90 for it, so I was not able to purchase and take pictures of it.

Aurelio said:
Sorry if it took me a lot, I've been kinda busy. I've made a couple of pictures of the RVL-CPU-50 motherboard:
Tell me if you need some close-ups :)

So it DOES exist. Id love some close ups if you would be willing to do that for me that would be great. It appears to have a switching regulator like the 60 does. Can you spot any differences between the 50 and the 60? Also, where in the world did you find it? And by that I mean what country/region? Ive NEVER seen a 50 before, and I have checked at least 70 wiis over the past year.
I'm in Italy and I found it here on a craiglist like website. It is a red wii. As soon as I get home I will compare it with a RVL 60 and see if there are any noticeable differences :)
I've compared the two boards and there are very feelw differences. The layout seems to be the same as the RVL60, but:
1) The three inductors for the 1V and 1.15V lines are 5.0 uH instead of 4.7 uH
2) The 1.8V regulator is made by Sharp and is labeled 070XHA2

That's it, everything else seems to be the same.
If tou want a close up of a particular area of the board just ask me :)