WTB some kind of battery that can give me 12 volts


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I'm starting work on a project, and want to get all the pieces of the puzzle rounded up before I start putting it together. So, does anyone have a battery that'll power the wii for a decent amount of time? I can offer trades or moneys.
If the wii can be over volted to accept 14.8, then just grab a good set of 7.2s and wire them up. You can get some off of battery space.

As for amperage, look at the Wii's power brick, and it should have an ma rating. Multiply it by three, then look for a battery with that much of an amperage rating. That'll get you three hours.
The mA reading on the brick will only say what the brick is designed to give out- which will be much higher than you need in most cases.

For how much amperage you're going to need, you'll definitely be needing lithium ion, polymer is better. Check to see if the wii will run on 11.1, that would save you a good $25.