The tinyPNES worklog. EDIT: UPDATE!


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Ok, I have been working on this for a while now. I might as well put up a worklog for it.

So as the title says, I have been working on a portable nes. Now rather than that noac crap, I am using an actual nes. To hold this beast of a system I am using a polycase ZN-40.

might as well post pics now.


The bare NES happily sitting inside the ZN-40. As you can probably tell, I did a fair bit of cutting on the NES. It fit perfectly in the case originally, but now it has more space. More space= better.


My battery. It is a bit too big to fit in the case, so it will be mmounted on the back with velcro. The battery life makes up for the size, though. It is a 7.2v 3600 maH ni-mh battery that I pulled from an old portable DVD player. Should get me a few good hours of play time.


The front of my case. I have ABS cemented part of an original style playstation controller. I will get to why it has 4 holes in a bit. I need to redo the D-pad too, as it is too far over to the right. I'll ABS in a DMG d-pad tomorrow. The thing is ugly, but some sanding will fix that. Actually, I have another method of evening it out that I played around a bit with today. When you let ABS goop dry, it will usually be a bit blobby, depending on your skill. to fix this I have done the following. Start sanding for about a minute then stop. Blow off the plastic dust. Now get a paper towel and some paint thinner. Get the towel damp with paint thinner and rub over the area of ABS goop. The acetone in the paint thinner will smoothe out some of the rough spots in the goop. Now because of the towel and paint thinner rubbing across the surface, there will be some lines. Just gently sand them away and you are done. With a nice smooth surface.

On with more pics.

Yes, that is a heavily cut up cartridge tray from an original NES. Will be using this on the back of the unit.


This is a rough idea of what the back will look like.

Now, you may be wondering about the title. Why ULTRA?

Well I put the word Ultra in the title because I am doing some extra things with this.

For one, I am using an NES MAX controller. This explains the four button holes.
Also, I plan on giving it stereo sound, and possibly overclocking it with a switch to go back betweeen speeds. Also, i will probably disable the locout chip but that isn't saying much.

Oh, and in case you are wondering where the Heck the verge screen is, it is in the mail still.

More to come soon!
Re: The UltraPNES worklog.

Looking good so far. Why does no one else seem to fill in the recessed areas on the sides of the ZN-40? Nice job on actually using an NES. There aren't nearly as many of those being made these days - all noac stuff.
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Yep, because with the NOAC's you can put them in DMG cases ;) At least you will have 100% compatibly :D
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Is it straightforward to cut the NES so much? or did you have to relocate anything?
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Yep, because with the NOAC's you can put them in DMG cases ;) At least you will have 100% compatibly :D

That is the exact piont. I have paperboy and it is one of my favorite games. Most NOACs don't play that game. Plus I want castlevania3 and some other games that don't work on NOACs

Is it straightforward to cut the NES so much? or did you have to relocate anything?

I just cut down along the ground edges a whole lot. I am going to have to relocate one or two simple things, but nothing impossible.
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bacteria said:
Very fine job themadhacker, I am impressed with what you have done so far, especially in board reduction and not using a NOAC but the real deal. Make the NES region free too if you like!

Also, great guide and nice pics. Excellent!

Thanks. Actually, to make the NES region free, you just have to disable the lockout chip, which I had already planned to do.
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Update time!

Today I ABSed a GMG D-pad on the case.


Also, when I was an auto paints store, I found my paint for my portable.

It is not krylon fusion, but is basically the same. Its primary use is for plastics and vinyl. I tested some out on a scrap DMG case. I only did one coat. The stuff dried in only a few minutes. A few hours after it dried I decided to give the paint the Bill's torture test. I rubbed my thumbs hard across the painted plastic for a long time. No paint came off. My thumb's skin did. Then I started scraping my nails against the paint. Left no chips or marks. Finally I decided to see what made the paint stay so nice. I sanded down and discovered that the paint fused with the plastic like krylon fusion. In fact, with my experience with both products, I would say this is better stuff. And it's a good thing too, since the can cost me $10.85.

More to come!
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Wow, $10.85 for a can of paint. Well, it seems to have been worth it. I know Krylon Fusion even sucks with some plastics or on top of certain other paints. That might just be worth me looking into.
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Wow, cool. Fusion, but less finicky. I want, I want!

I'm actually pretty behind when it comes to paint. I only discovered Fusion last year.
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screen came today. It was fried before I even started to hack it. I take it out of the box. there are those statiky foam peanuts clinging all over the screen. So I take the thing out, plug in the adapter, and nothing.So I hook batteries up to it (fully charged, BTW). Nothing. I tried another battery. Nothing. So I turn it on again and shine a flashlight across the screen and press the volume buttons. There was no volume bar or anything. So I take it out of its case and try all I can to get it working. Couldn't get it to run.

Now i have to get my money back through paypal. I won't be sending the screen back to the Playstation who sold it to me broken. I can't, really anyway. After all, I opened it. But if anybody wants the LCD, make an offer. I don't think the LCD was the problem because the one from another fried psone screen I had didn't work on it either.
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Was that one of the $16 ones? I KNEW it was too good to be true!

But seriously, nice progress, good luck with the screen, and I can't wait to see this done. :D