Sculpy Triwing screwdriver hack? (UNTESTED)

Yoshilime M.R.

Master of Limes
i just came up with this way to get into a nintendo systems witout buying a triwing, here it is:

1. get some oven bake sculpy 3
2. take out a small chunk, a tiny ball enough to cover the top of the screw.
3. press it into the screw, and carfully peel it off. on the backside, you will see a perfect screwdriver head of that screw
4. follow the instructions on the clay packaging and bake your clay screwdriver head
5. somehow stick it onto a stick or grip or screwdriver handle (hotglue?)

Bam, a triwing screwdriver (untested)
You can do that to any screw. It's not really a "hack", and half the time it doesn't work. Just pay 89 cents for a Triwing screwdriver at Deal Extreme. Free shipping too, so if you want one there's really no excuse.
I don't think it'll work. Sculpey isn't that tough, it'll disintegrate when you try to remove a screw.
if you want a really esily made one just make a mold and pour aluminum into it. It would still be crap, but it would be cheap.
I know icarus has tried to make Gamebit and Triwing screwheads, and they all failed to get the screws out.

I hope he isn't dead or anything. He hasn't been here for a long time.
Borrowed from Kasar's guide on BH


That's what I do, but I have a triwing just in case
Jidan said:
Borrowed from Kasar's guide on BH


That's what I do, but I have a triwing just in case

I could not get that to work. It just damages the screw when I try it.
Well, you have to have an EXTREMELY small flathead to do it....I got it to work fine, but obviously don't strip the screws...
I got it to work, but also got it with one of those tiny torx screwdrivers used for psp's, making it much easier.(tiny torx: better than flathead)
How do you get it out with a flathead? I've only managed to almost strip several screws. Maybe I don't have the right size?
That is probably the case. You need a VERY small head, like what comes in eyeglass repair kits. Or a good electronics set. Go too small, though, and it won't grab. I just tore apart and repaired a DS with this method, I've decided that an actual triwing driver is a waste of money - gave me no problems at all using a flathead.