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Many have been looking forward to this game.
For those who haven't heard of it, Google is your friend.

Well, the ROM was leaked a few days before release, and I'm sure none of you good law-abiding citizens have gone and tried it out.

Some people, though, have had a bit of fun.
This guy here dumped the entire dictionary of words from the game!
All 22,802.

My favorites?
SATA Cable
Salt Mine
Chile Tepin
I cant kill longcat and a ghost no matter how hard I try. Cept for a nuke ofcourse. But thats cheating
I find the species diversity incredible. I was also impressed with the mythological knowledge. Create a mirror, create a gorgon looking at the mirror. She turns to stone. I got a huge kick out of that.
Man I want to get this game, but I have to get a new ds, ugh, sold my old on several months ago.
I really want to play this game, but I Google it and only find torrents. It hasn't made it to mainstream ROM sites yet.
I just started playing it and this game is so awesome, the amount of work and creativity that went into it shows, and I'm always finding cool new things. For example, try teleporter or time machine for pure epic-ness.

Also, in world 2 puzzle 2 (the trick or treat one), instead of spawning anything, I find it hilarious you can go to the left, grab the pumpkin, and launch it at the little kids to complete the level (hey, it is trick or treat after all). You can even repeat this 3 times to finish it in advanced mode. :lol:
is there a dsi emulator i could play this on? it sounds awesome, but i dont have a ds, or a dsi. is it dsi only? :cry4: :gonk:
DSI exclusive games won't be coming out for a while yet. It should work with your ds just fine.
There are emulators but it depends on the architecture of your computer, for example you could have a slow computer and would still work well, for me I can only run it with out sound even though my computers fast. Emulating the ds is tricky.
I played this game on a friend's flashcart. Friggin' awesome! First game I'm gonna get on my Acekard 2 (After 3 weeks of shipping from DX, of course)
picked it up today, pretty fun.

I only buy games when I have money.

I just went to reserve and pay off HeartGold, though. ::3: