Rev. C GameCube not booting after fuse replacement.


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Ok, so the fuse on my GameCube went out so i just bridged it and it worked. So then I wanted to change the wire i used to bridged the GC. When i put the other wire in it the orange light came on but it would only give one white flash on the T.V. as it was turning on normal but then nothing else. So when I just used the old wire from before when i first bridged it to see if it would still work, it only does the same thing now. NOTHING..... :dahroll: So I was wondering if anyone knows whats wrong because I still want to use this Motherboard. And if I cant Fix it, would anyone like to sell me a motherboard please? ::3:

Thanks :)
PalmerTech said:
Never bridge a fuse if you have no idea why it blew. :awesome:

This. In contrast, it's always okay on a Sega CD, because it blew due to very poor power management.