GC Drive troubleshooting consult


Hey there! As the title says I want to troubeshoot my GC disc drive. I purchased this little gamecube from FB and I took the challenge to revive the thing. The only issue it originally had was that it didn't read discs (No error screen, only NO DISC message orgiginally). I then proceeded to go straight to the potentiometer instead of trying to go for the simple lens cleaning (my mistake and I regret it honestly), however I attempted to use the proper resistance (between 200 to 500 ohms from what I heard from DoesNotCompute's guide) and... nothing. I then attempted to clean the lens, and still nothing. I then thought I had a bad laser problem so I purchased one from a local vendor for very cheap (which was tested btw) and STILL nothing. I am on a tight budget and due to the quarantine here it's getting pretty hard to justify going out just for parts. I am thinking that the problem lie in the daughterboard for the disc drive, but I really want to be sure this time. You can the problem in this video.

Note: Also, it caught my attention that the laser is slammed by the motor and i've never seen that behavior before in any gamecube i owned previously.

Hello Tsukimaru,
So glad I'm not the only one caring about repairing these littles beauties.
My GameCube has exactly the same issue.
Initially, it didn't read discs at all. After cleaning etc. it did, but after some minutes, you hear this clicking, the laser is unable to move anymore and the CD stops spinning. Message : an error occurred...
What I already did:
- cleaning the lens
- trying different games
- manipulating potentiometer (originally on 220, I tried going as low as 170 and 500 high)
- swapping the laser unit with a known good one (same issue)
I swapped the disc drive with a known good one, everything works fine. So I also think the problem lies within the disc drive.
Any ideas from someone how to trouble shoot?