1. A

    Wode Jukebox 2 available for sale

    hello there, I have two of the wode jukebox for wii can be used on the wii or gamecube portable projects. admin / mod am i allowed to post contact info as Base64 text? will post pictures soon
  2. U

    Fully reboot GameCube pin out?

    Hello, I’m just wondering if there is any pin out on the GameCube that lets the system fully reboot the game console. Then hitting the reset button on the console. That just reboots the game. I like it to reboot the full system like on/off. So it loads back in to Swiss. I have Swiss installed...
  3. T

    GC Drive troubleshooting consult

    Hey there! As the title says I want to troubeshoot my GC disc drive. I purchased this little gamecube from FB and I took the challenge to revive the thing. The only issue it originally had was that it didn't read discs (No error screen, only NO DISC message orgiginally). I then proceeded to go...
  4. N

    Hacking a GC With an Arduino?

    Hello! I am new to this community and have really wanted to start making a GameCube portable. I have a motherboard that I can use as well as many of the other components, but sadly, though I've already spent a lot on it, I will never be able to my hands on a Wiki/Wasp Fusion or other $50+...
  5. M

    GameCube portable commission!

    Sorry in advance if this is not the place to post this. I am looking to commission someone to make me a GameCube portable. Looking for the gman style and only looking to play smash Bros melee on it. Please message me if this is something you are capable of. I greatly appreciate any responses!
  6. Nikoil

    GameCube portable by Nikoil

    Project Game cube Portable codename NGCP Highlights: - 3,5 inch lcd - Wasp Fusion ( wiikey fusion ) with microsd slot - Sd gecko with microsd slot - internal memcard - volume control - two speaker - external power...
  7. Dr._Mobo

    Swiss, Audio, and Bootup issues

    So I am beginning to come close to finishing my gamecube portable, but it seems that Murphy's law is in full effect- as my gamecube has developed three issues that I don't know how to fix. If anyone has any idea what is going on with any of these issues, your input would be greatly appreciated...
  8. B

    How do I wire my GC controller to my Game Cube?

    okay so I'm building my first portable console, and I'm stuck. I can't figure out how to wire the gamecube controller directly to the gamecube! I have a DOL-101 GC.
  9. A

    the Gamecube Advance

    This is another Gamecube portable, the lightest and smallest I ever made. It took me roughly 2 months to build and plan everything some specs: solid plastic (PLA) 3D printed case 5inch HD Display built in 56blocks Memory Card (original) built in DVD drive (original) the controller I used took...
  10. R

    Help finding a case for my portable?

    Hi all. First time poster. Recently i came into ownership of 3 gamecubes. God knows what i was going to do with them all so i took it upon myself to look into making a portable. Anyway i think i have a good idea on what i need to do and all the parts i need. I know how to solder and I built my...
  11. N

    SD Gecko Emulator Help Needed

    Hi everyone, I haven't really messed around with SD Gecko, home-brew or emulators on the GameCube before and I'm a bit stuck. I have a WASP Fusion with Swiss auto boot and a SD Gecko. My question is how to I install the emulators and Games. And my second question, how do you play them! I just...
  12. MMumble

    Don't use new GC controllers for a portable.

    Don't use the new Gamecube controllers for a portable. I actually lost a controller doing this (It still works fine but I had to bust the plastic because the screws were broken) They melted some sort of plastic on the pins so that you cant re-pin the inputs (WHICH IS RIDICULOUS) Original...
  13. legofan623

    [$80] Custom RGB LED Gamecube Controllers

    EDIT: I have sold this particular controller now and cannot make any more of them I'm interested in getting into the custom controller business and this is my first go at something pretty neat that I hope there's a market for. This controller has 4 7-color RGB LED's inside a clear back shell...
  14. M

    GameCube portable help

    so I'm going to keep this short and then expand if needed. The only thing I've done to the GameCube is removed ports on the bottom and taken off the display port. It's. rev c board. For some reason, the GameCube will now power on for approx. 1/2 a second and then appears to shut off, but I'm...
  15. I

    Please help with wasp fusion

    Hey guys! I'm building my first gamecube portable and it has a megadrive v3 with a wasprivate fusion and I am unsure how to get swiss to load it giveseems me the message to insert a game disc when I go to gameplay it has very quick flashes of reading disc and the blue light flickers on my...
  16. I

    First gamecube portable need some help!

    Hello everybody! This is going to be my first build and I have done a lot of research and bought tools and parts, I still have some unanswered questions though. #1 I don't have any clue what to look for in a screen? Should it have a board would I solder av cables right on? Also for batteries...
  17. MiseriesChild

    GCp Worklog - MiseriesChild's GameCube Proto Ver. 1

    Well, it seems that I have missed the bandwagon by a few years when it comes to making portable console systems and such. Even though people have moved on to bigger and better things I decided to try my hand at a GameCube Portable I’ve named “GameCube Proto Ver. 1”. Since this is my first...
  18. Keirstin Bloom

    Relocating GC disc drive

    Hello, and sorry for what is probably an obvious question. I'm in the middle of relocating the GC's disc drive via wires (I'm talking about where the plug used to be, not the ribbon cables). I found the pinout for the wires, but am confused on one point. There are some pins that are labeled for...
  19. S

    Wall power and AV out

    hi guys another noob with his first post. Can't seem to find any info on how to get a working GCP setup that can play off original AC adapter (as well as battery when switched) and can be plugged in to a tv when desired. Since I have so little mod experience I was originally planning on doing...
  20. m00k

    Gamecube battery question

    I am planning on building a portable gamecube and am gathering the necessary components. I have a question about the power supply though. I managed to salvage 6 samsung ICR18650-22F Li-on batteries from the power supply but they don't have protection circuits. I found a 6 slot 18650 charger and...