Need help identifying a capacitor in a classic DMG Gameboy.

So, I dug out my old DMG Gameboy.
I flipped the on switch on a lark and discovered it still had batteries in it when it actually turned on.
I immediately turned it off again and removed the batteries which thankfully had not leaked, but upon replacing them, it would no longer power on.
I carefully opened it up, expecting to find a loose wire or something, and discovered that a capacitor had blown.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of electronics is not exactly exemplary, and I have no idea what specs I need to find a replacement for it.
I'm hoping someone with more experience can assist me.

UPDATE: I contacted Nintendo Support directly, and they have stated that they cannot help me do to safety and liability concerns.
Any help I can get would be very welcome!

EDIT: Guess nobody here can help me...
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