1. Kidanarchy

    Help modding DMG

    I'm trying to backlight and bivert a DMG Gameboy. However, I've run into trouble desoldering the pins that you're supposed to connect to the Hex module. Any tips? Should I get a name brand desoldering braid?
  2. The amazing skeleton


    Hello, This is my first Worklog on here, and my first Wii portable. I have some experience in other projects, like rpi's, and ds(lite) modding. I plan to fit the Wii in a dmg, like Gman did. I want to try to fit an OMGWTF trim into the case, I am pretty sure, with some thoughtful planning; I...
  3. 8

    Gameboy with Two Screens

    How would i go about connecting a lcd screen to a DMG-01 gameboy so that i would have two screens playing the one game. The idea behind this is that I'd be able to play the screen on the gameboy and place the secondary screen up in front of a camera to time lapse my play. To do this would i have...
  4. F

    Need help identifying a capacitor in a classic DMG Gameboy.

    So, I dug out my old DMG Gameboy. I flipped the on switch on a lark and discovered it still had batteries in it when it actually turned on. I immediately turned it off again and removed the batteries which thankfully had not leaked, but upon replacing them, it would no longer power on. I...