Gameboy with Two Screens


How would i go about connecting a lcd screen to a DMG-01 gameboy so that i would have two screens playing the one game. The idea behind this is that I'd be able to play the screen on the gameboy and place the secondary screen up in front of a camera to time lapse my play.
To do this would i have to solder wires between each of the ribbon cables and if so where would i find the information to do that?
Tbh Any information at all would be grand because I'm swimming in the dark?
I think running 2 screens off the same digital signal will cause a lot of issues. The easy and obvious solution would be an emulator with a screen capture. Gameboy emulation is pretty solid, but you have probably looked into that. If you want to stick to real cartridges on real hardware, I would go the Gameboy player route. You get native hardware, and can easily split the analog video out signal to 2 separate screens. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but it's something.
But the Wii doesn't work with the gameboy player, Shank... :p
If you don't use this as an excuse to mod the Wii to work with the gamboy player, I'm disowning you.