1. S

    PSA: About those Chinese LCDs that run hot, and how to fix them

    Many of you may have run into problems with cheap chinese LCD displays running very hot to the touch, and using a LOT more power than you expected. (particularly if you use something driven by a pcb800099) I have found the root cause, and the solution. LEDs should NOT be driven directly with...
  2. G

    Adding a new screen to a Game Com

    So, I have a game Com that's been lying in it's box for many years, mainly due to the slightly buurry screen that can sometimes be a tad difficult to see... Ok, so I lied. The screen is pretty much unusable, and it somehow managed ti burst, even though it's hardly been out of the box! I've...
  3. J

    Questions on PS2 Portable

    Okay, to start off I'm completely new the the portablizing scene. I had the brilliant idea of trying to build one last year, but got all the wrong parts, and couldn't figure out where to start. However, i would now like to take a more organized approach, and do everything right. with that comes...
  4. 8

    Gameboy with Two Screens

    How would i go about connecting a lcd screen to a DMG-01 gameboy so that i would have two screens playing the one game. The idea behind this is that I'd be able to play the screen on the gameboy and place the secondary screen up in front of a camera to time lapse my play. To do this would i have...
  5. G

    Would this screen run off 7.4v?

    Hello, this is a dumb question but I was wondering if this 12v/24v screen: would run off 7.4v for my N64 portable. Thanks in advance!
  6. spaceface

    Need help getting screen to work

    I've just started working on building a ps2 portable and need help making one of the screens I have show anything. I don't have it hooked up to the ps2 motherboard yet, just testing to see if the screens will work. I'm currently hooking a hdmi cable from my laptop into a hdmi to ttl decoder...