Great bargains from E-bay / Garage / Yard / Car boot sales

I got a Wii "as-is" off e-bay. It came with everything but it said it had trouble accepting disc's

Anyway when it arrived everything in the box was BRAND NEW save the console itself.

Like someone had bought a new Wii when theirs broke, switched out the deck and returned it.

Anyway I had it fixed in less then 2 hours. Working perfect now only cost me $150! :mrgreen:
My best recent deal was the box I nabbed off of Craigslist for 30 bucks that contained:

2 working psones w/ 1controller
1 working PS1s
1 working Dreamcast w/ 1 contoller
1 working Gamecube w/ 1 controller
1 working N64
1 working Snes w/ 1 controller
Various required cords plus an oddity or two (composite to coax adapter, for instance)

Enough to keep my portable hobby busy for quite some time, though I really would like to do a PS2 portable after my N64's done.
Best bargains:

chipped xbox-£12
chipped crystal xbox, 4 controllers, 36 games-£5
2 Dreamcasts-£3 each
Gamecube with 10 games-£10
3 special editiond DMGs-£10
N64 with ram pack and 6 games-£5
OH man, you UK guys get all the good deals.

I am going to have to fly over there, go on a shopping spree, and fly back. I figure I'll still come out way ahead, even after airfare.
A chipped PSOne, fully working, one Dualshock and one standard (no analog) controllers, power adaptor and AV cable.

I got an ipod 4th gen with a smashed lcd for $35. My friend's mom ran over it with a honda pilot. Fixed the ipod and sold it back to him for $70.

I also got a ps2 slim that supposedly does not read disks (no way to test though) for $10.

Yesterday my grandparents were looking through their basement and found a 1970's junior electronics kit to teach kidsabout resistors, caps, and how they work. The thing belonged to my uncle hey think. It will be fun to play around with it.

Also, a few days ago, my other grandfather was looking in his garage and found two 1970s police scanners and gave them to me. Will be cool to use as soon as I scrape all the thick brown mold off of them.
I struck this gold mine back on May 31st....

Gaming Guides, manuals, and maps:
- (3) Dragonball Z Taiketsu guides (one still have the DVD)
- Delta Force Black Hawk Down guide
- Thirteen guide
- Stonekeeper Map guide
- Advance D&D 2nd Edition Dungeon Master's Screen
- Lords of the Realm II manual
- Warcraft II Tides of Darkness manual
- Diablo manual
- Manhunt guide
- Counter Strike (xbox) guide
- NCAA Football 2004 guide
- Vietcong guide
- Socom II guide
- Everquest: Lost dungeons of Norrath guide, manual, and map
- Everquest Offical guide
- Everquest manual
- Everquest: Planes of Power manual and map
- Everquest: Gates of Discord map
- NBA 21K (Dreamcast) manual
- TeeOff (Dreamcast) manual
one other dreamcast game manual I can't find right now

Games (all games PC unless other wise noted):
- Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
- Racing Mania 6 game pack. Includes: Nascar Road Racing, Sports Car GT, Super Bike World Championship, Andretti Racing, Need for Speed 2, and Road Rash
- Descent 3
- Half Life 1 with Team Fortress Classic included
- Everquest: Planes of Power
- Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
- Sim Theme Park (PS1)
- Diablo
- World Championship Series: includes Texas Hold'em Tournament Edition and Blackjack World Championship
- Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
- Card Games for Windows
- Star Wars Galaxies Beta 3 disks
- Star Wars: Dark Forces
- Full Throttle from Lucas Arts
- Dark Age of Camelot
- Devastation
- Law & Order: Dead on the Money
- Super Mario Bros. 3 with Sleave (NES)
and a few other random card and board game software

Game Systems:
- PSOne (Needs some work but totally fixable)

Gaming Peripherals and Extras:

- Gameboy Advance E-Reader
- Nascar Steering Wheel and Pedals for Playstation or PC (not sure which)
- NES Cart Organizer
- Game boy Carrying case

Other Gaming:
- The Grudge PSP Video (Unopened)

Random Electronic Items
- 2 PDA's (1 working)
- Sharp battery powered Alarm Clock Radio
- Nice walky talky (now I can listen to the truckers)
- 2 LCD Golfing games
- Some strange LCD game gizmo
- Honda Car Radio
- CueCat
- Jack Adapters
- TV Antenna
- Computer cables including loads of IDE Cables.

CD-Rom Comic:
- Iron Man

- MIB Soundtrack
- Rolling Stone Mini Disk

Knick Knacks:
- ET & Me key chain from the 80's
- Sydney 2000 Olympic key chain
- Florida key chain
- Canteen
- (2) Popular Mechanics cd-rom about cars

And about 15 to 20 things of software for Windows like spread sheet stuff and the likes.

And I got all of the above for FREE!! And from the same place.

It was after the Yard Sale ended. And the person posted on my local Craigslist on May 30th and said between 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM on May 31st. Everything left at this yard sale would be free for the taking. Apart from a few items I got. It isn't trashy suff either. All of it was stored in a Storage Building which was where the yard sale was.

I did however did buy something from another yard sale. I got Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii for $5

Not a bad day's hual huh?
Super Nintendo, BRAND NEW in box never used, at salvation army for $20. I kept the box, but I unwrapped that sucker and enjoyed the pack-in Super Mario World game on my perfect-condition brand new SNES! This was less than a year ago :D