Your steam names!


Give them to me.

I just got TF2 and crap, and I need some people to play with. :) Mine is "k_Reign" (no quotes).

There is a modretro group. I friended you,I'll invite you to the group as well. Or can only admins do that?

mysegasaturn. If I send you a friend invite, I'll show up as Edward Elric.

By the way, could I get an invite to the ModRetro group?
I'm kylechu (big shock there)
I'm already in the MR group, but I don't get on often, because my laptop sucks. :D
Often, if my account's on, it's my sister. She gets on to play peggle sometimes, so if you message me your first message should be "is this kyle?".
My Steam ID is either Swordfyre or [The Angry Heavy] Swordfyre.

Any member of the MR group can invite other members, too.