WTS: My Collection of wonderful Junk


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So I need money, bad, and I haz stuff to sell, lots.

1. Gamecube
Wonderful Condition
Can throw in cords and controller for an extra $5
Make me an offer

2. Gamecube SD Card Reader + Homebrew Disk
Basically allows you to run GC homebrew
Perfect for emulators
Will throw in 1gb SD card

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masterx1996 said:
AfroLH said:
I Pm'd qerk and if he doesnt want it I'll contact you.
thanks what the disk like

The Disk is in great quality

The Question said:
Sd card player? Any games on the card?
qerk has dibs right now, and masterx after that.
There is a SNES Emulator and a NES Emulator with a bunch of roms on the Card