GameCube N64 ETC Modding Parts, Tools, XBOX 360 Laptop PS4

I haven't really made many posts over the years, so I believe a proper introduction is in order. I have been a frequent visitor and member here for roughly six years now, (since Hailrazer first made his GameCube portables and Techknott, Ashen, ShockSlayer, Tchay, and a slew of others made their contributions to the GameCube and Dreamcast portable development scene). I have also purchased from and spoken via email with several members here on the site, including Megalomaniac, RDC, ShockSlayer, Tchay, Bugman (Gman), and many others, all of whom have my respect and gratitude for their great contributions to the modding profession. I have attempted for years to acquire one of Ashen's beautiful portables. (*Trivia) :mrgreen:

Anyhow, I am still in college, money is tight right now, and I will be transferring to another college to further my degree, so I will unfortunately be selling all of my modding equipment and parts. I essentially have enough parts to make several portables from start to finish. A small amount of the parts that I have include:

Section 1) Parts
3x Wiikey Fusions
1x Wode
2x RDC 3DS slider circuit boards
2x original 3DS sliders
1x Shockslayer Custom Regulator Circuit (Input: ~7v Output: 1.5v, 3.5v, 5v)
1x Shockslayer Low Battery Indicator
2x 5" Dallian Good Screens with VGA and Composite
1x Original Sony Playstation Portable LCD Screen
1x 3.5" Portable LCD (part of my GameCube in a stock GameBoy case portable)
1x Hailrazer IPod amp board
2x micro SD card slots
4x micro fans
1x authentic 3DS replacement SD card + circuit
1x Bag of very small, low voltage, Rumble motors (< 2 cm in diameter)
1x Bag of Normally-Open tact switches (> 100x tacts, with tact thickness < 1 cm)
1x Bag of Normally-closed tact switches (for perfectly simulating disc switching (emulates tray-loading circuit) for multi-disc games running on Wiikey Fusion)
1x Assortment of Lithium polymer and lithium ion batteries
2x my own re-defined heatsink + fan + shielding enclosure to optimize space conservation
5x (At least) functional GameCube consoles; I had purchased 40x GameCube consoles in bulk at the onset of my portablizing ventures a few years back (Yes, many were sacrificed to noobish soldering, dremeling, and wiring measures)
1x Several other unfinished GameCube motherboards (a few were functional but have not been tested in many months due to school, and others need to be traced back with a multimeter)
2x untested N64 motherboards
1x Unfinished N64 portable, originally purchased from Bugman roughly a year ago (I have not had the time I thought I would have when I originally purchased it)
1x N64 motherboard with my own custom trimming and rewiring (unfinished, still requires more re-wiring)
1x Numerous cases, including GameBoy Original (hollowed out with a dremel), PSP, PS VITA, DS Lite, custom cases, and other cases.
1x Various motherboards from the PS VITA, DS, PSP, PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, PS3
20+ GameCube optical drive units and boards (some drives were functional and others needed their POT adjusted to be made functional; these game with the 40x GameCubes I purchased a few years back solely for their mobos)
1x several other unlisted parts

Section 2) Tools
I also have a nearly NEW X-Tronic 9000 Soldering Iron + Filtration + Heat Gun soldering station; I purchased this as a replacement soldering station early last year, as my previous station was pretty used up over the years. As a result, the heat gun has only been used ONCE, and only a few of the soldering iron tips have actually been used.
I also have a dremel kit, a multi-joint 4-arm HELPING HANDs station, and various picking, splicing, soldering, screwdrivers, pliers, and other modding tools.
I would be willing to throw all of these in as well at an added price.

Again, I realize that due to my low number of posts, I am still regarded with a "New Member status", so I am first gauging to see if there is any interest for such a lot of items prior to taking detailed pictures and posting them here online. (If there is any interest, do not hesitate to contact me. I will dig through my Gaming and Modding storage and provide more detailed information. I have several large boxes of modding parts and materials).

I would prefer to sell this as one big lot for convenience and time's sake. Finally, onto the good stuff:
Asking Price is $500 for all of the modding parts (Section 1) not including shipping
Asking Price is $200 for all of the tools (Section 2) not including shipping

Offers are welcome

For those who are looking for a complete set of tools and parts to complete a GameCube or N64 portable (amongst others), with the help of the numerous online guides, resources, and build logs here on ModRetro, this would be the lot for you. The number of parts and tools here are worth well more than my asking price. I have probably dedicated several thousand of dollars to this hobby over the years, and it has been both educating and entertaining. Nevertheless, I need money for college at this time, so my loss is your gain.

I am located in the eastern U.S. and due to the size of this lot, would prefer to sell to someone locally or by pickup rather than attempting to ship everything, as this would definitely add to the costs of the lot. (I would be willing to meet pickup buyers half-way.)

P.S. For those looking to purchase an Xbox 360 laptop, or a PS4, I will likewise be selling these as well.

The XBOX 360 Laptop is in great condition. I have an add with more details provided at the link below:

Note that the price tag is a placeholder as it is the price which I paid for the unit and can be negotiated within reason.

The PS4 is brand new and sealed (Destiny Glacier Edition Console) and comes with Watch Dogs, Infamous Second Son, and of course Destiny. (SOLD)
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How much for the soldering station?
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I mean east coast states and those who are bordering these states is really who I am appealing to.(Thus, if a pickup in a public place were to be arranged, drive time could be shared and reduced. Of course, this is of little value for those willing to pay the exact shipping costs, but it would be a better buy for those nearby). PM'd with more information.
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Xbox 360 Laptop has been listed on EBay
Item Number: 251793047749
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How much for the SS voltage reg and low battery indicator?
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Hi do you have the any of the Wiikeys, low batt indicator, or SS voltage regulator?
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If you have anymore wiikeys fusions let me know been on the hunt for one for awhile need it ASAP :cool: