What's going on with the gamecube memorycard???

So, I'm building another gcp. I decided to have a built in memory card rather than have a memory card slot. So I successfully rewired the memory card to the gamecube board and it worked for like a week. Then tonight, all of the sudden, the gamecube says that the memory card is corrupted and I have to format the memory card. Every game I play says that and it won't let me save my data. It even made me erase all of my saved game data!!!!! I have already glued in the memory card and it's going to be REALLY REALLY hard to get out. I don't want to take it out. I don't know what's going on???
Can somebody please help me???
Maybe the memory card was never that reliable in the first place? I know a lot of memory cards are like that, especially for the GC.
disconnect either pin 1 or pin 12, its the sense lines, it refreshes the memory card. It's like pulling it out and putting it in. Might help.

Thanks for the info Shockslayer. :D

Well, I think it was the memory card itself because I rewired it again and it still said it needed to be formated, so I ordered another memory card. :awesome:
As soon as it comes, I shall rewire it and see if it will work. :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:
Try using a name brand; from what I've heard the third party ones are more prone to corruption.