what system is this? power-joy?

i have this system, i know its a knock off just wondering what of?
it runs old style games but is still cool :)




Argelfraster said:
Why did you post this here?
Its quite obviously a Power-joy as it says it on the linking controller!
why You dont say dude, i can read man :wtf:
i just wondering if it was a knock-off of another system which im pretty sure it is and was asking what one......
im not good with all the old consoles like NES/SNES or atari or all that.... so thats why i asked

like joey said it could be a famicon CLONE
if it has a 60 pin cartridge connector then it is a famicon clone, alot of people used to use these in NOAC portables. i'm going to be making one soon after my N64p with one almos just like this.
it's pretty much the same thing as a superjoy, except there is only one board inside, at least on mine there was only one.

it is just really another cheap nes/famicom knock off.