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I'm starting an n64 project (not a portable) for a home console. I'm going to mod an n64 with leds, paint, maybe a fan, rca jacks and s-video.

Now the real task is what I'm going to mod on the system itself. I'm going to remove the tabs so it can play japanese games, and I'm going to put a 6 pole switch somewhere on it to switch between pal games and US games.

Now I found this diagram ... 809366.gif

And I want to know what do I do with the rest of the pins, do I just connect those to the other pif and to the board? Or can I just use one switch and switch between the boards.

Also, how do I connect to my ntsc tv without loosing color using pal? Since there's no RGB on pal will s-video work?
Integrate a power supply, or at least make it use a standard brick. Also, paint and maybe a custom or at least modded case. RGB mod would be cool too. You might as well do the whole thing. Lastly, make it look nice; no switches poking out at odd angles please.

About your PIF question. I saw a thread a while back on some random site about it. For that diagram all the green pins go to their respective places on the board, for BOTH CHIPS. However, they also said that switching only those pins might not be reliable. Try it, but if it doesn't work you may have to switch all the pins. I think there's a chip that can do that, but I don't know what to search for.

Okay, PAL question. I don't get it. If you mean how to connect it to your TV with the PAL mode engaged, it'll take some explaining. Let's say you started with an NTSC N64. You won't get a PAL output. You'll get a 50Hz NTSC output. You won't lose color, but it may not work with your TV. If your TV works with PAL, losing color or not, it should work. And you can get RGB if you start with an RGB-capable board, even in PAL mode. Again, it will be 50Hz, but RGB has no NTSC/PAL color problems.
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I already did this minus the integrate the power brick. LEDs, Fans, custom colors, PIF mod and S-video. :p (It's not all in the case though.) What I did with the LEDs was I used a circuit using 2222n transistors iirc and made the LEDs blink back and forth. I'll find the schematic if anybody's interested.
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I think what I'm going to do is switch between ground between each chip, which should work. And all other pins will be soldered back to the corresponding pad.