That durn buttin doohicky


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The A button on my CGB isn't working (well, it works, but you have to press really hard), and I can't figure out why. I'm sure there isn't an obstruction of any kind, and the contacts are clean, but it still isn't working properly. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I can do, or why it isn't working?
take it part, and take off the rubberdome A/B switch. clean the contact under the switch with alcohol, and then do the same to the carbon on the buttons. This usually works for me. I have fixed several remotes that had this problem.
I agree with TMH, clean it, and check if the membrane is ripped at all. If it's torn it won't work right, and you'll have to press harder on the button. Also, clean the copper contact on the actual mobo.
Hmm... I cleaned the contacts on the board and on the button. And I'm sure the membrane isn't ripped. It works a little better now, but you still can just "tap" the button like normal.
Just replace the membrane, see if it helps. You know what?

Run it all taken apart, and take a totally different membrane, like the D-pad one. See if it's the membrane or the board acting up.
Ok, it seems something is wrong with the membrane. It doesn't push down quite as much as it should. I swapped it with the membrane from an "inferior" CGB I had lying around. It works perfectly now. Thanks for all the tips.