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So I've signed up for a site called Swag Bucks back on July 6th. It's a cool site where you earn virtual money called "Swag Bucks". And these swag bucks can later be used to get real stuff from music downloads to playing cards to electronics and game systems. The site is open to people from the USA, Canada (excluding Quebec), and the UK.

I researched the site for a few days before joining. Just to make sure it's ligit and no catches. And the site is 100% legit. So yea there isn't s catch, you don't get junk mail, or have to do "special offers". Just search the Web using Swag Bucks search engine (which is powered by Google and Ask).

And if your a person who has a hard time remembering to do stuff like this. They provide the directions on the site on how to set Swag Bucks as you default search for Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Safari and Opera. They don't have directions (yet) on how to set SwagBucks as your default search in Chrome.

They also sometimes give out what they call "Swag Codes" on their site, twitter, facebook, myspace and sometimes even Youtube which can also get you swag bucks. And sometimes, they just gave you clues (kinda like a scavenger hunt). And you have to hunt down and find the swag code. The only downside of swag codes are that they expire if you don't get or use them in time.

Oh yea, you must say logged into SwagBucks to get Swag Bucks. (Kinda obvious but still)

So anways, if you want to join. Heres the link: here's the link: Clicky
(Yes it's a referral link.)

Whats the worse thing could happen? You wasting your time searching the internet like normal?

(Also, if you a Chrome user like me. And you want to know how to set SwagBucks as your Default search in Chrome. PM me, and I'll give you the directions on how to set Swag Bucks are you search Default in Chrome)
It seems like a lot of work to accumulate a decent amount of Swag Bucks..

I joined, but I probably won't use it much. If it was easier to get a large number of them, this would be much better.
I think Live Search did something similar a while back, but you needed an insane amount of points to get anything.
XCVG said:
I think Live Search did something similar a while back, but you needed an insane amount of points to get anything.
Yep, every 5 searches you get a point or something. Then there were games you could play. Lots of people used bots, but I got into it too late and they had figured the bots out :cry4: