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This forum has been around for a while. As such, a lot of images were hosted on photobucket when threads were made.
A while back, Photobucket changed its TOS to be completely dumb, breaking images on forums across the great wide web.

Luckily, due to how poorly designed their system is, there are options for how to get around it. This thread is here to help.

If you use Chrome, or a chrome based browser; you can install this add-on, and Photobucket images will load again:

This thread will remain open for discussion so that people using other browsers can chime in with what works for them.

Yes, all of this information was just a web search away, but if you weren't aware of why everything is broken, you may not think to look.

Happy reading, everyone. Enjoy the backlog.
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UPDATE: Installing this particular fix has the unfortunate side effect of not being able to visit this particular webpage...

I think it's kinda hilarious, but you should know that any page with "photobucket" in the title is likely to break, and you'll need to disable to add-on to see it.

Ask me how I know.
I spent half an hour banging my head against the desk trying to figure out why this page wouldn't load for me.

I have to say, I really hate this feature in modern browsers where they hide all of the various arguments from the URL they show you. :/