DOL-101 GCVideo (Semi)Working!

Big Credit to Ashen, ZeldaXPro, and Blargaman91 for paving the way for this. Anyways!

Long-time lurker, first-time poster here.

As many of you may have seen on this thread, Blargaman91 was able to get component cables to work on a model DOL-101 Gamecube. So obviously my question was, how do we apply this to the GCVideo hdmi mod?

Well, by looking at a DOL-001 with a multimeter, the only two pins on the AV chip that didn't match up with the DV pin names listed on the GCVideo readme were the ADATA and the Color Select... So, if we were to relabel the excellent diagram on the aforementioned thread with those two points:


And wire everything up to the Pluto board accordingly, we should (theoretically) get it to work, right?


Long story short, yes, it does. Now, I'm getting some video glitches:


So I need to check my connections, but the important thing here is that DOL-101 seems to be totally capable of feeding data and power to the Pluto board. Also, I'm just using a pre-flashed FPGA from KNJN or whatever the site is =P

My extremely poor solder job on the av chip (I blame my work area setup and not-so-fine soldering iron, not my caffeine addiction):


And the motherboard with all the wires attached:


I'll check tomorrow (if I have time) to see if I can't get a better signal out of this. And NO, I did not use transistors/diodes anywhere, and was still able to get progressive scan mode going. Hope this helps anyone looking to tinker with DOL-101!
Did you ever manage to solve the video glitching by improving your connections, or did it turn out to be a permanent problem?