So...Did you see the reveiw site?

Yoshilime M.R.

Master of Limes
Well, now that The site is established, Did you visit it? What did you think?How were the reviews? Any improvements?

Discuss :dahroll:
To anyone reading: this is the site Lime is talking about.

I have to say, my eyes were strained reading through a review. The layout is going to need a few changes.

Oh, and the people that write reviews need to use bold text in places, preferably for the scores. It's confusing when I'm skimming and I just barely catch the start of a new review topic because the "Gameplay: <score>" line is exactly the same as the body text.

So yeah, my only issue is with the presentation. You guys have impressed me so far by not completely botching up the reviews with "this game sucks!11!! u cant even save!!" The issues presented were handled in a more neutral fashion and I appreciate that.
Okay, so I've made the reviews a bit easier to read with some more formatting. Alas Caredo, I can't fix the layout unless I know what's wrong with it.

Also, there is a review submission thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=523