SNES and PS1 screen voltage

You can just wire the SNES's power to run off of one of the psone screen's 7805 regulators. Then you can just attach the batteries to the screen alone, and everything will be powered. I can show pics if you want.
The 7805 pictured is the one closer to the bottom of the screen's pcb. That's worked for other people working with SNES's before. I believe I've even heard that Marshallh has done the same... but I'm not sure. I'm doing this with my Genesis, and I haven't had any problems.

This will work with any system that has a low amp draw, such as a NES, SNES, Atari, or Genesis. I wouldn't try it with anything later on, because it will be too much amperage for the single 7805 to spit out.


I'm sure you can find the pinout for where the voltage and ground go for the SNES.
Yep. Exact same. There may be a large black electrolytic capacitor attached to the 7805. You should remove it if it is there. Good luck!
While we're talking about connecting this stuff, where do you connect the negative battery power to the PSone screen?
On the front of the psone screen's pcb, there are the two slots for the audio, video and power. You want to solder the your the batterie's voltage to the 1st pin on the 1st connector, and solder ground from your battery to 2nd pin on the 1st connector. To make it easier, use the ribbon cables that plug into the connectors. It makes it easier to not bridge power and ground together.
Aight, im still waiting on my parts. Ordered everything so far, (total of 200$, F-ing canadian shipping!)

Anyway, im looking for a good soldering Iron, any thoughts?

P, just wondering, that Desoldering Iron you got, how much will it cost to ship to V9T4R1? Stupid amazon wont ship to me :(
I have no idea, sorry. I could ship it to you and then see what the shipping cost was.