School. :(


Probably SS
:gonk: I have to go to school this upcoming Monday (17th) and I'm saaaad. Anyone else having to go to school? I know there are some noobs like bacteria that don't cause they're old and stuff but what day do the rest of you start?

Also, what kinda heat are you gonna be packin?(New cell phones, watches, portables, ect.) I'll be armed with my DSi and My Dell Axim X51v

Don't have to go to school until September 7 or something like that. I'll be packing my cheap cell phone and that's about it.
Mine starts the 24th. I'm not as bummed about it as I normally would be, maybe because this year should be pretty slack because all my classes are awesome. Its my senior year, so I get plenty of electives :p
classes start the last day of the month for me. Got nothing new to sport, either. Just gotta rely on my DAP and Laptop to get me through downtimes.
I start on Monday as well.

Personally, I could care less.
It doesn't hardly alter my schedule or anything like that.
Basement_Modder said:
HA! I start on the 8th. I win! :awesome:

No, I win, I haven't left school! I did school all summer, I'm working on my final English paper of a few thousand words, and I still have alot to go in math...
IWIN! Oh, wait a minute... :cry4:
I'm not sure when exactly I start, but I know it's after Labor Day, when school should start.

I'm doubtful as to whether I'll get a phone at all (my family has talked about it, but we never reached any solid conclusion), and I'm still stuck with my old laptop. The only thing new will be the books, really.
Done with school too. Good thing. I am bad at english and spelling. Got my diploma and already had a job so I didnt go to college.