Review Submission Thread


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Some of you know about the review site. Well, it's where we are going to post the reviews written by various people here. So I've created this thread for submissions.

Reviewing Info and Guidelines

If your review is overly long please post a link to a file (I can use .doc, .rtf, and .odt, I don't know about Yoshilime or DJ711). One of us (me, Yoshilime, or DJ711) will publish your review, or maybe reject it depending on if it's good or not.

Now, grab your games, consoles, and accessories and start reviewing!
Yoshilime M.R. said:

BAM! YOSHILIMED! :mrgreen:

Nice review, really through. I added tags and fixed some formatting issues (Wordpress' fault, not yours). Also, the two images at the end don't work, if you send them to me I could probably fix them.
Kay, thanks PalmerTech.

I've posted another review, from now on I'm restricting myself to one review per day.
Really, no joke, stop posting so many. Let others have a chance, not just you. you are pushing down other peoples reviews to the bottom...can't you do 1 a week? I mean, just getting XCVG's isnt enough. our people deserve reviews from everybody. so please, hear me out when i say TONE IT THE HECK DOWN! In all seriousness, you are also taking away reviews that others wanted to review first. And how do you have time for all this anyway?
I'm merely trying to kick start the review site. People will be more attracted to a site with more reviews. I can see your point there, so I guess I'll try not to write so much. I'm going to be busy working on my N64p now anyway.
Am I of equal rank as well?

I'm hopefully going to publish my BioShock review. Also, I got Word 2007.
I've been neglecting the review site lately, because I've been working on my N64p and staining a fence to pay for my N64p. Tomorrow I will try to get some work done.

If you two want to be promoted to admin, I will do so. Be warned though, it's mostly tedious setting up tags and catagories and stuff like that. Actually, it would be all fun and games for you because I've already gone through that. :dahroll:
HA! Well I'd do the work anyway, give me something to do. I have to go buy spray paint for my N64p.
Okay, you are both admin, please be careful and try not to let the power corrupt you.
You don't have to, there's like 8 reviews right now. We need reviews way more than we need admins.
Soon as I finish my review of the Logitech Dual Action PC controller, can I submit that?
Okay, from now on I'll be posting a new review 3 times a week- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I wish I could encourage people to write more reviews, but I don't have much to encourage you with. About the only thing is that if we have a good review site, more people will join the forums.

JD- Sure!