QuickSkope is now QuickSkop3


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As everyone should know, because of the "DNT-QuickSkope fiasco" (yes il call it that) my other account was banned. So just to tell everyone, this is QuickSkope.
I thought at first that someone admired you so much that they became your alter ego stalker. Good thing that wasn't so.
This is for sure not DNT. Palmer did some research, etc, this guy is fine.
Please don't treat him as DNT, he is not.

Maybe apologize if you flamed him before.
His old account was unbanned by me earlier today.

He was banned because his IP traces very close to DNT, basically the same street in the same town, he had the same avatar, and he registered on BH the same day DNT got outed for his FTP escape and stopped posting. In addition, they both claim to be "hackers".

Basically, the odds of all of these coincidences happening at the same time on the same account, at THIS time in particular, are in the tens of thousands to one. However, I have verified that QS is not DNT. Amazing story, but true!
it's astounding to me, that someone actually used my details. Anyway, I find myself happy to be on this side :awesome:

As Palmer said, astounding but true.
yeah, I didn't know what they were talking about with the whole DNT thing. I mean come on, before QS, none of our Canadian members liked hockey, therefore he's not DNT.
1.) The name change is the opposite of improvement. ;)

2.) Who is DNT?

3.) SS, for God's sake, why do you have eurddrue's avatar and tag? I dislike him to a degree and you're not helping. :(