PS3 generating "White Noise" at random times.


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Last night, when I was playing Warhawk, the speakers suddenly generated "white noise." I had to mute the speakers to stop the really loud white noise then I wrapped up the game. When I quit the game and dropped back to XMB, the keysound ("clicking" sound when you move around the XMB) is distorted. Rebooting the PS3 cleared the problem.

Now I was playing Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and then the white noise happened again! I turned off my system.

My PS3 is hooked up to a 42" Magnavox 42MF438B via HDMI on video and audio. The HDTV is very new (less than 2 weeks), so I hope it's not broke. :confused:
Does your TV support separate audio inputs for HDMI? (You should have at least one HDMI port that's labeled "HDMI/DVI" with audio inputs near it.) If so, try this: connect your old composite cable to your PS3 and connect the L/R audio cables to your TV, and connect your PS3's HDMI cable to the HDMI/DVI port. Go to your PS3's audio settings and change your output to your A/V output connector, and make sure Audio Multi-out is turned to "on." If you still have the problem, try hooking it up to another TV. If the problem stops, it's the TV, and you'll have to be like me and exchange it until you get a working one.

Good luck!
Nope, the Magnavox apparently doesn't respond to me putting a cable inside the audio input next to an HDMI/DVI port. Still, the HDTV insists on HDMI audio.

Around half an hour ago, the white noise happened again. This time it was LOUDER. I was like "F--K!" because it was so loud and my ears were ringing for a minute afterwards. Then my parents heard it and seeking an explanation. I explained it was a wrong setting and the PS3 and HDTV is not to blame. I then went to advanced audio settings, then disabled every surround option to just the 2 channel defaults that can't be disabled. Seems to be fixed now, but I'm updating the PS3 to 3.01 just to be safe.

Unfortunately, the TV was a refurb. So it won't be easy to exchange the unit.