Kasar's GCp guide!

Tchay said:
Sorry about that! A lot of these images are on other peoples' image hosting accounts, so when that individual decides to remove the image or their account gets deleted, the image goes bye bye.

I went back through the whole guide and fixed broken image links and removed other ones. Thanks for pointing it out.

Some of the videos and websites are down. These links are broken:
http://batteryuniversity.com/partone-24.htm - Teaches about batteries
All four methods to mod the dvd drive
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGybhH-wBws - The video under the powerboard relocation

Also, can you please explain how where to wire up the battery pack to the gamecube?
Please read the stickies in the gamecube and general electronics forums. The information is all there.

Batteryuniversity is still a valid website, just look around for more info.

Benheck has been down for a while now but just look into using a wiikey or wasp fusion instead, it's a lot more rewarding and an easier mod.
Is there anyway that we could update this some of the links are broken and it could be useful to add new pictures I could also create a new guide if people would want one
Kasar's guide hasn't seen much attention because it's really dated. There's a lot of new information out now and it's not really useful to update this guide because it would be a total rehaul.

Just read the stickies and you'll be fine.

If you want to make a new master guide with all of the new information that's up to you. If it's good we can add it to the mega sticky.
What is WASP Fusion exactly? Is it a hardware mod that allows the GameCube to read ISOs without the need of a disc? Or is it something else entirely?
Again all of that information is here on the forums, or you can google WASP fusion and watch some videos of what it can do, just take some time to read the forums and I'm sure you'll find the info you want or need to know.
dididan2000 said:
Can someone update this guide or make a new one? Thanks.
First off don't double post without a good reason, and second it would take months to make a new, comprehensive guide to create a GCp. Just take some time and use the stickies to find everything you'll need.
The_Next_Guy said:
I have LOTS of spare time. With permission I could write a full guide. Ya know, if you guys want.
Go for it!

Also, update everyone! I went through and fixed a ton of broken links. I've now added most of the images to my own personal imgur account, so we shouldn't see too many broken links going forward. I've also added a paragraph on the wiikey fusion (in the disc drive section). It's defintely a work in progress, so I'll try to add to that over time.

Also, I've officially started editing the next video in my portable GameCube How-To series on youtube (audio relocation). So, hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have that uploaded.