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Spent a ton of time searching across the tubes, and I finally found a supplier for OLED screens with analog input boards. They accept S-Video, Composite, and VGA.

The one I am mainly looking at is a 3.4" one and a 4.3" one. Both are 4::3: ratio screens.

They would cost about $340 each. Anybody interested?
How thick are they, and how thick are the boards? Can we get some pictures? It's out of my price range.
They are 1.6mm thick.


Yes oled screens are awesome and super thing but the board is thick as well. Plus I don't know about fryability but I know durability is astounding.

*waiting for jlee to post the oled hammer video*
I'll wait until the price on these babies drops to some lower more buyer friendly prices to use them, like $75. :D

Someday :awesome:
What's the resolution? I know I'm not rich or anything, but I've used an OLED screen and the viewing angles are perfect. I would consider it a couple of years, when I'm skilled enough to make professional casings, and when the price is lowered.

Even still, a 4.3 inch OLED screen would probably be perfect as long as the resolution is good. I'd even pay this much, if I had to.
They are near impossible to fry, and OLED screens, in addition to looking better than ANYTHING else out there, have extremely low power consumption, and are very , very durable. Like, smash against a wall and it just flexes durable.

The resolution is 480x234. That is the same resolution as the AEIcomp screens.
*holds my Samsung Impression under a lamp*


In other words, OLED screens aren't good for bright conditions.
Most new screens don't have an anti glare layer right? I wonder how one would look on an oled.
They should be available with or without anti-glare.

And JD, that is AMOLED. Not the same tech. From Wikipedia:

"AMOLED displays often aren't as bright as their LCD counterparts when viewed outdoors or in direct sunlight."

OLED displays are absurdly bright, or can be, and they are usually more visible than LCDs in sunlight, barring special transflective sunlight readable displays. Basically, OLED is god for indoors, and acceptable for outdoors, and far better than, say, a PSone screen.
But also $300 more, and 1" smaller. (Size doesn't matter anywhere near as much as price.)
Yeah, but the indestructiblility, excellent viewing angles, lower power comsumption, and better picture quality have to cost something extra. I'm all for saving money, but I think the two places I'm going to be willing to spend more would be for batteries and screens in my project.

Otherwise I'd stick some crappy ni-mh batteries and hip gear lcd into a cardboard box and be done with it.

Any ideas on what the power consumption is like, Palmer? Would it be comparable to the 3.5 inch screens, or better?
But come, on, $340? Hardly anyone here can afford it. It's most likely worth it, but it's still expensive.