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With all the amazing recent research released on the wii, and some extra time on my hands I've decided to finally start another wii handheld.

I ordered some parts about a month ago, along with a lot of six broken wii consoles in the hope that a few of them would be CPU-40 or 60. All of them were CPU-01, but I have 1,5 CPU-30 boards that I will use. The CPU-01 20 and 30 have similar layout, so a trim on the 01 should work on a 30 :)

Got a Raspberry Pi 5" hdmi screen that I planned to use with a wii2hdmi adapter. They won't work together :wtf:
The screen work fine with raspi or computer but not with the hdmi adapter. Hdmi adapter doesn't work with HDMI to dvi cables either, so I think it's because of some difference between HDMI and DVI (which I thought were the same).

So I need a new screen, think I will go VGA this time. Just sucks that it will take another month to get one :gonk:

Planned features
Gamecube portable with Wii functionality
Software loading through SD or USB
Full analog triggers
Gamecube controller
Internal memory card
Batteries I hope

The case is a PSOne and it will be portrait like Tchays sexy ccube. It just look so comfy ::3: Triggers will be on the back

I have done some trimming and experimented with SD relocation. This is how far I was able to trim the CPU-01, then when I chopped off the components top left it stopped working. The 1,15v line just stopped supplying the voltage. Have tried powering it from another wii and with a PTH08080, but no life. Could be that the wii has too high amp draw.

So now I need to get a new screen, if anyone has any tip for sellers in EU that would be great. Also need a vga converter. Maybe I should get a nice 4::3: screen instead of 16:9?

Yep, so the first real progress (the screen) was a total setback
Oh boy looking forward to it. Impressive job with the bluetooth relocation and the trims. Where exactly did you cut to make it stop working?
Here is the trimmed board (not working)

I found that 5V wasn't getting across the board as on Blargamans trim, so it's wired from the 5V reg to the disc drive power connector. Don't know which part of the cutting this happened, if the 5V line was severed before I cut off that last part.
Is there any scans of the inner layers available?
I have scans of the internal voltage layer of the 4 layer board. I have not bothered with the 6 layer ones.