NeoGeo into maybe a portable


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The Neo Geo AES takes different cartridges than the MVS, but the actual ROMs are the same. Which region (JP/NA/EUR) and whether it is AES or MVS depends on the BIOS. I recommend you get a Unibios so you can switch between regions and AES/MVS. The MVS board takes ONLY 5V I think, but I'm not 100% on that. It only outputs RGB, and all connections are through the JAMMA edge with a few exceptions. Some models provide stereo audio through the edge, some have headers, and some do not have any method stock.

Ben actually built one, you are not the first unfortunately:

Ben used an MV-1C; you will probably have to use an MV-1B or MV-1C. I can't tell which one is smaller but the MV-1B seems to have a prelocated cart slot.

Here's some more info: ... cade-game/ (some MVS boards have a slightly different pinout; I think audio is the only diff)
The one on eBay looks like an MV-1FZ. It will work, but it is pretty big. Look for an MV-1B or MV-1C. The -1C is preferable but the -1B should work. All the other models are huge. Keep in mind the size of the cartridge as well. Weaponepsilon says he has a -1B, which would be fine. The -1B is a little bigger than a cartridge, seems to be wider but shorter than a -1C.
bacteria said:
Oh, sounds good... any games too (not the combat fighting games like KOF, etc)?

Assuming the board works, what sort of things are you looking for trading ideally with me please??

I don't have any xtra MVS carts, but Ebay is a fine place to get them dirt cheap. What do you have to trade?