N64 "Sleeping" Question


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Hey i just turned on my n64 and the expansion pack was out of its case. with the chip directly in the slot and i turned the n64 on and it didnt do anything.

anyway after that just happened it wont turn on and the led wont turn on at all.

so i was wondering if it was "sleeping". :whistle:
Was the expansion pak facing the right way?
Were there any shorts/ solder blobs on the board?
Is the power source outputting voltage?
Is the power source soldered on correctly? (eg no cold joints.)
Are you easily annoyed by questions? :lol2:
Associated with the jumper pak port, how I caused it to go in to sleep mode was I put it in backwards. Although the only way to tell if it's in sleep mode is to wait 2 or 3 days and turn it back on.
I put the expansion pack in the right way so i dont know why it did this. By the way the red led doesnt turn on now also.
resetting the n64
unplug EVERYTHING from the n64, then give EVERY SLOT a good bj, then turn the n64 on for 10 seconds (yes while there is nothing in there or no power connected). then turn it off. plug everything in including jumper /exp pack. make sure your game cart is clean and on the right way, then plug your power adapter in and try again
if it doesnt work after that then somethings broken/ wired incorrectly
check to see if screen flickers when you turn the n64 on

reset the ac adapter

need to make a sticky...
power adapters have an internal thingy in them that makes them stop working for awhile, try using a different power adapter.

I've got 20 of em.

Lol ShockSlayer i only have 1 ac power adapter :lol2:

Anyway ive tried the ac power reset method, by unplugging it for at least 30 seconds, and moving the n64 power switch to on for at least 10 seconds and its still not even powering on.

The red led on the system isnt turning on at all, so it just may not be getting power and it may just be the ac power adapter.

By the way guys thanks for the tips.

Its only been one night and i miss playing Super Smash Bros! :lol2:
Try checking the voltage with a multimeter. Then you can be absolutely sure. If you don't have a multimeter, put an LED across the 3.3V line (it SHOULD survive) and across the 12V line (make sure it's a sacrificial LED).
Anyway Guys, I got my n64 to work and the problem was that when i opened the expansion pack when i was closing it i put the chip in backwards. :beware

So i took out the ac adapter and did the full reset on it and placed the expansion pack in the right way.

Then like a sight for sore eyes the red led came on and the games worked! :boxer:

Anyway This is a lesson for me when making a portable. :thumb:

Also thanks for your help and troubleshooting advice and i will definitely stay on this wonderful Site! :clap:
ßeta said:
I always check a gazillion times before putting the expansion pak in. :lol:
^ me too :mrgreeen: and then sometimes I forget to put it in because I've been making sure that it's the right way :oops:
:lol2: nice eurddue well since ive also almost got my N64 open i was wondering if there are any Official Color cases that i can change my N64 into?
and also where i could buy them from. :razz:
xXPunisher24Xx said:
:lol2: nice eurddue well since ive also almost got my N64 open i was wondering if there are any Official Color cases that i can change my N64 into?
and also where i could buy them from. :razz:
Like different color shells? You could paint yours, or put up a WTB in the junkyard, but I don't think that there is a website that sells n64 shells.
Oh okay i guess ill just try to give it a custom paint job.

Dang but those official blue transparent Color shells look so nice! :lol2: