My mic isn't working with Garry's Mod.


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*Can'tSayThisOnTV*, another problem. My mic won't work with Garry's Mod. It recognizes that I have a microphone, but when I talk nobody can hear me. I tried out some settings, did a voice test, and I couldn't hear myself.

First, what kind of mic is it, USB or 3.5mm? Is it a headset or just a microphone?

Have you Googled your brand and model of microphone and checked for any possible compatibility issues with Gmod? If not, do that.

Do you have any problems using it with other games/programs?
It's an integrated laptop mic.

I've never had a problem with it, in any games. It also records audio like a charm. could just have made your own thread.

Logitech has some nice USB mics.
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