I didn't.

I played Red Steel 1 though, the idea was great but it was very janky and ehhh. Conduit 1 was my personal favourite (until Goldeneye came out anyway) even if it's a total rip off of Halo
Now that I have exams done, I can start working on the project. I am planning to just make a portable with nothing special. What do I need? I want everything all in one cart. I am planning to use PTH Regulators.
Some buttons
A rotary tool
Glue / epoxy
Clear coat
Bondo glazing and spot putty
Soldering iron
Audio amplifier
TI regulators
L and R buttons
Hard and soft tact switches
Power plug
Shielded wire for video
That's called bumping. There's not enough activity on this website to warrant that. It's also frowned upon in general. General etiquette is to only bump if you have like a question thread and it gets buried to page 2 or several days pass.

We had a rule about double posting in under 24 hours.
It'd work, but GC+ is better if you want to use sliders.

Also, have you done any planning yet? Like actual measurements, drawingsBecause atm it looks like you're just attention whoring
Also, have you done any planning yet? Like actual measurements, drawings and spatial mapping? Because atm it looks like you're just attention whoring.

That's what I've been wondering
I need to finalize what I will use, then I will create a sketch up on Illustrator.

I got kicked out of the BitBuilt Store, so the GC+ plan is out of the list.

UPDATE: Just made the sketch up. I will make another one once I get a caliper.

Wat. Why are your abxy buttons on the left?
Black is pretty much always negative.

Google it.
It seems like you haven't learned this skill yet. I've been watching you do this stuff for awhile now fiskers. They banned you from BitBuilt because you wouldn't research anything or try to find answers to your questions before asking on the forums(you got banned for a few other things as well, but...) . If you want to succeed in building a portable( and I honestly believe that you will eventually), you need to learn some things. First, you need to realize that it's much easier for everyone if you use google to find an answer before you ask on here. If you haven't noticed already, homies get triggered when you ask silly questions. It's better just to google simple questions like "which wire is usually negative". Even with a simple sentence like that I found stuff. It's easy and you Should be able to do this. Secondly, you need to realize that people on the forums want to help you as long as they can see that you tried to help yourself and are using common sense. When you ask questions like "can I use the stock wii heatsink and fan for a cooling system?" I think it just makes people annoyed with you. Of course you can use those. I hope you can see that now.

I'm saying these things to you because I started wanting to make a portable only a bit before you did and I've just finished my 3rd portable wii and it has been sooooo much fun. I also spent countless hours researching about electronics and portablizing though. I put in the time and googled, and googled and googled. And when I had ANY question, I googled it. If I couldn't find the answer, I used the search feature on the forums to try to find an answer. When I still couldn't find an answer, I asked on the forums. Well. Forum. The first question I ever had about portablizing is asked on here and no one ever replied. So I decided to go to BitBuilt where all your wildest dreams come true. My point is, not too long ago, I didn't know anything about this stuff just like you. But now I know quite a bit compared to what I did, but it was alooooot of work. I had to do alooot of research and reading. Completing something as cool as a portable wii is truly a great feeling and I hope that you can have that. But unless you make some changes to how you're doing things, it's probably not going to happen. I know I'm not the first to say these things to you, but hopefully you will listen and make some changes on how you go about this process.