Merry Christmas, ModRetro!


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Hello, ModRetro patrons! :awesome:
I have two presents for y'alls.

First, a Christmas shoop for everybody!


This is a thumbnail. It is highly reccommended you download the full-sized version here:
The image is 3.27mb, PNG, 1640x1275.
You can try this direct link, it might not work: ... istmas.png

There is also a version with everybody's names labeled here:

This whole thing was made in Paint.NET. The PDN is avaliable for download here:
85 layers, 6.11mb.

These are the people in the photo (in no particular order):

The Bug-Eyed Guy
Dramatic Prarie Dog
Twilight Wolf
Basement Modder
Advice Dog
Michael Jackson Santa
Keyboard Cat

And now, a Christmas story, ModRetro style!

'Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the house,

Not a peripheral was stirring,
not even a mouse.

The stockings /were/ stuffed
with enough goodies to spare,

The only problem was,
PalmerTech had been there!

He swiped all the batteries,
and the PSOne screens, too,

That had been in MR's store,
stocked up just for you.

He snuck out the back door,
and into the night,

while whispering to himself,
"Ho, ho, what a sight!

Just wait 'till tomorrow
to see all those guys' faces!

They'll be blaming each other,
and searching all the wrong places!"

Now, Palmer was a mastermind,
as you all can surely see.

And he would have escaped, too,
if it were not for the tree.

It shone so brightly and beautifully,
that he simply had to stop.

He lingered for a moment,
and looked up at the top.

Just then a man jumped out
from behind the huge tree,

And declared, "Mister, put those back now
or you'll be dealing with me."

The valiant hero was ShockSlayer!
And as he stood before that fake,

He drew his hot glue gun,
and the theif started to shake.

Palmer knew what was coming,
and he started to run.

But ShockSlayer was prepared,
and stopped him with the gun.

He didn't shoot, but pointed it instead
right in Palmer's face.

Palmer quivered, and asked,
"You won't shoot me, will ya, Ace?"

ShockSlayer just shook his head;
He had different plans for this fool.

He grabbed hold of his arm,
and took him to see Officer Cool.

When they arrived at HQ,
Palmer had worked up quite a sweat.

He was shaking in his boots,
The big guy would kill him yet!

Officer Cool spun in his chair,
and Palmer began to choke.

For this chief Officer Cool
was Mario, no joke!

Mario said, "Boy, wha'chu been doin'?
You have got to be dense.

To break into our stores,
you surely have no sense!

Give him 10 years in prison,
stealin' stuff ain't no joke."

A cry then rang out
from a nicely-dressed bloke.

He shouted, "Not so fast!
I say Palmer did no crime."

Palmer shouted, "ßeta! My lawyer,
He'll get me out this time."

"Objection!" cried Mario,
"Palmer was caught in the act.

If he commited no crime,
He'd not be here, that's a fact."

ßeta looked sheepish,
there was nothing he could do.

With a whoop and a yell,
ShockSlayer gave him the ol' one-two!

Stunned, ßeta fell down.
He'd been punched in the gut.

ShockSlayer just stood there;
that ßeta was a nut.

Mario said, "Palmer, tell you what.
I'll ask the community.

They'll create you a punishment
that'll ensure no impunity!"

He gestured to ShockSlayer,
who then took him away.

Locked him up in a cell
until the very next day.

The following morning,
PalmerTech was brought out.

Right upon his arrival,
the huge crowd began to shout!

"Off with his head!" Afro cried,
"And then five years in prison!"

"Yeah!" shouted Eurddrue,
"Bash his fat face right in!"

"Hold up, listen here,"
said Jlee patiently.

"I have a solution,
I think you all will agree.

We hang him like an ornament,
at the top of our tree!"

The mob let out a cry;
It was clear that they liked it.

Mario went right to work.
He grabbed a rope that's legit.

Up on the tree Palmer went.
Though not to be killed, you see.

No, no, this was it:
He only couldn't be free!

Palmer sat up there and watched
As Christmas day dragged by.

Merrymaking and laughter;
He really wanted to cry!

At the end of the day,
everyone packed up and scattered.

The festivities were over,
and there was no more friendly chatter.

As night descended on Palmer,
He couldn't help but weep.

He was tied up to a tree,
and he couldn't get any sleep!

Then, he heard through the dark,
quiet footsteps in the snow.

A man at the bottom of the tree!
His face, he wouldn't show.

"Palmer," the man said,
"I know what you've done.

I've seen every bad boy and girl
underneath the sun!"

With a wave of his hand,
PalmerTech floated down.

"I know that you didn't mean
to make everyone frown.

Here's for missing Christmas,
everyone should get something!"

He gave Palmer a package,
suddenly, and without warning.

And as he ran into the night, he said,
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

He ran over a hill,
and disappeared out of sight.

Stunned, Palmer stood there,
then opened the package with a frown.

/Never gonna give you up!/
/Never gonna let you down.../

Mario for the story
Mario for the shoop
SS for some shoop ideas
SS for some source images

Merry Christmas, ModRetro! :awesomemario: :ssawesome:
MY FACE HURTS FROM LAUGHING SO MUCH! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

The pic is also my new desktop wallpaper. :mrgreen:
I made that my new desktop. :D

That poetry is mad awesome. You really had me going until the end, which was hilarious. I love it when people totally surprise with a twist ending like that. You know, just reading along, thinking you are fine, when suddenly you take a minute just sit right there I'll tell u how I became a prince of a town called Bell Air.

Heh, I couldn't find this topic and was wondering if it had been moved. I don't usually see stickies, that's why I didn't sticky it. ;)

Awesome responses, you guys. Give me a while, I'm compiling a lot of the images I made just for this (The awesomestar, ModRetro lodge). :awesome:

Nintendott: Several weeks ago, when I was planning this picture, I went through the SHOW US YOURSELF thread and downloaded everything. You were in there somewhere. :)

Drue: That's the ONLY picture of you! :p At least, that I could find.

ShockSlayer was with me the whole time on this; he gave advice and comments. He had no clue about the story, though. :p I made that secretly.
Supposedly, the "house" is the ModRetro lodge right there and the tree is that one outside.

Twilight Wolf would have been a person, but I didn't get a picture of him in time for this. :( That's okay, though. I really liked how the dog-wolf turned out. :D
I wish I could be in the group pics... :( I'll just pretend I was the one who took the picture. :p
Post a picture of yourself! I would have put you in if I had a pic. ;)
I would prefer to be an ornament.
:demonpie: Also, who do I ask about putting my smiley into my title? Thank you Mario! I feel accepted now! :cry4: :D
Too late now. :p Put it in the show us yourself thread, maybe you'll be in future shoops. :)

Also, Beta, it was a nice thought to sticky this, but I think it's too hard to see. Besides, it'll stay bumped if it's popular. ;)