Fit an n64p into a psone case


This is being talked about in modder's thread, but I don't want to thread jack it anymore. What I mean is that an n64p could be easily put into a psone (the smaller Playstation) case. I also believe it can be done using a psone screen. Here are some pics:
This is a bare board, untrimmed, with copper ramsinks for heatsinks. EDIT: I lied. I did cut near the controller port area. But still, its a very small cut, and easy to do.

This is with the psone screen pcb laid on top. I did cut off the bottom, because there are alternate points on the board you can use to connect video and audio. This does not actually have to be done, but I'm using this board as my example.

This is the overall thickness. As you can see, the boards fill up the entire bottom of the case. The actual lcd and control boards can easily fit into the top part of the case.

Now, you may be wondering about batteries. If you're willing to cut off the ground edges of the n64 (the left and right sides) then you could fit two very high capacity cylindrical li-ions or li-po batteries. Also, there is not any room for the cartridge slot to be integrated. Since most folks seem to be using another box attached to their portables to enclose the cartidge slot, then this it no problem. If you are willing to use a smaller screen, then it may be possible to integrate the cartridge slot so that it doesn't stick out.

Another advantage of this case is that it already has two easy spots for an analog stick. Just pop out the power and reset buttons from the psone case and hollow out the area where they were with a dremel. This should work nicely if you are also having a c-stick mod done to your controller.

I didn't realize till after I started cutting the case up that I could easily place two analog sticks in where the original buttons were, so that's why I have one cut out at the bottom. As you can see, I have the psone lcd sitting where the disks used to, so the lcd is almost level with the with the rest of the case.
I cut out all the holes for the face buttons, I'll do L, R and Z later. I'm probably going to just continue this in my worklog from now on, since that's where this is all leading anyway. Feel free to hijack or lock this post, anybody!
Cool, I contemplated doing this but I decided for my sanity that I wouldn't. I had a 6" screen so it would have been much harder.
it looks good so far, but what the Heck is that green stuff.
I have to say that I believe there isn't really much point in the psone case as it isn't particularly the best shape for your hands and isn't drastically smaller than the zn-45, never the less doooooo it, you would become internet famous for a bit (maybe)
I'm doing this too :dahroll: I'll race you to finish!(although I'll probably procrastinate and will start after you finish)
The green stuff is from a lime-green (or whatever the Heck the color is called) n64 controller. I suck at cutting out even holes, so I melted out the button holes from the controller and cut out holes in the psone case. Then I melted them into the case with a soldering iron, since I'm too cheap to buy a abs cement.

This case actually feels good in my hands, but that's just me. It probably is better to use something from the ZN series of cases, since it gives you a little more wiggle room for parts.

Someone else can probably beat me to the finish, as I'm going to spend a looong time trying to perfect this case. I welcome anyone to try and finish before me, I love competition.
Ooh, I like this so far. I think I tried this once, but something fried. XD

Anyways, keep it up.

If I happen to get a psone case, an n64, a psone screen, and some spare time...LOOK OUT! :p

Actually, I have one in the works, but it's got the screen bondo'd on like it is on the psone. Y'know what I'm talking about? It flips down.