Finding a new ISP


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My internet SUCKS.

Seriously, yes, it's that bad.

I want to find something new. I've never looked for this kind of thing before. What do I look for, who do you recommend, and what should I know?

well, i have qwest DSL and this is what i get:

however, keep in mind, that my brother is watching something on the xbox (netflix streaming, 720pi HD, good quality) and i have seveal windows open, including youtube and pandora. :awesome:
it is quite fast, and i recommend it. :awesome:
SBC has faster service than that if you ask for it.

Wouldn't mind something faster, though, but it's hard to get anything affordably without having to either buy cable and telephone services on top of it. If you want a deal like that, though, check into what your cable or phone company has to offer.
I don't want TV, and I thought it might be cheaper to get long distance for my cell and lose the landline. Am I mistaken?
That might well be cheaper, yes.

I think AT&T might offer a cellphone/internet package. I'll check for you.

EDIT: Nothing officially like that in my area, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out for others. If you're interested, contact them and see if you can mix 'n' match a bit.

Verizon might offer something like that, too.
I've always loved my Roadrunner.

30 bucks a month for digital cable interwebz.
βeta said:
My internet SUCKS.

lol, it's like you're using internet in '98.

Comcast is fine, when it's working. If the modem goes out and it doesn't work after a reboot, prepare to spend 10 min trying to get it to work then calling the company. :/

But dang, I seem to have the best speed so far...
While Xbox 360 is on and having a party chat and Java is updating:

I don't know if they offer Comcast in your area or not...

Best test a while ago:

My upload was actually slower than usual here, I normally get 4.5Mb/s upload. A couple months ago I was getting much much slower speeds (6/0.5 at best)
BlueLink77 said:
PalmerTech said:
Try Verizon Fios.

I get 29mbps down, 16mbps up, and 10ms ping.
Dang man, what do you need that kinda of internet for?

Gaming. :p

In all seriousness, it does not cost much in my area. $110 or so including tax for TV, unlimited phone service, and internet, all in one bundle. Killer good deal.