i took my French III exam on thursday and my geometry exam today, mid-terms meh.
the good thing about my geometry exam was that i had a substitute teacher and she let us listen to our ipods and stuff after everyone finished the exam :) and thats how i posted this xD
English and Science on Tuesday. The Science one was like a hundred sixty-something multiple choice. Tedious but straightforward and not that hard. The English one sucked. All the classes got the same exam so there is a bunch of stuff I didn't know, and there was a multiple choice editing section where two of the answers would have worked on a lot of it. Oh, and there was a really religious poem in it. Freedom of religion is important, and I don't really care what people believe in, but it was ruled a long time ago that religion should be kept out of public schools.

Oh, and there was like 3 hours between exams, and the robotics room was open. There were some unwanted sumobots, the tethered kind with a wire and a controller (read: not real sumobots) and we battled it out. Of course, it turned violent quick. He grabbed mine by the cord and whipped it into the table several times, I pretty much threw his off by the cord. It ended when the wires came out of his robots. They weren't really our robots, but they were unwanted anyway. Later that day some people took them apart for parts and I got a sumobot controller, some plastic, and a few mouse cables.
dang sounds like fun :lol:
i have 2 exams a day. if i have study block on a certain day i just get to leave early.
sadly that was today and yesterday.. now i gotta stay in school till 11::3:0 :gonk: guess i shouldn't complain though i mean nobodies gonna be home when i get there lol
Last week I took English, Euro History, Chemistry, and Physics.
I rocked English; haven't gotten my grades back for Euro and Chem, but probably failed Chem; and I forgot my equations for Physics and got an 11/15. Luckily, I exempted Physics and took it for fun, so my grade wasn't hurt (but I'm stuck with a B for that semester :().
Before Christmas. I got a 98% on my Alg 2 exam without the 9 point curve (since I didn't turn in the review assignment :p), I got a 96% on English II, an 88% on World History, and a 76% on my Chemistry. Not my fault though, that class is wicked hard. The front page of the exam was blank, with a title: "Death of a Chemistry Student". 100% on Music Theory, 98% on Spanish.

But overall I did fairly awesome.
A couple weeks ago....
English III - 100%
Spanish I - 97%
Diagnostic Medicine - 99%
Symphonic Band: Brass - 99%
AP/IB Biology - 95%
U.S. History - 94%

And English is the only class I get a B in for my semester grades. Weird.

Moral of the story: Take easy classes :mrgreen:
Basement_Modder said:
Last week. Took 'em. 1/2 days at school. Lowest grade was an 88%.

And you expect to get into a good school with those kind os grades?!

I don't take exams anymore, because school is for squares. Working less than minimum wage straight out of high school is cool.