Battery loss problem

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First, I am wondering what is everybodys voltage loss on their portable system per day?

Second, my voltage loss per 24 hours right now .30v. It not that bad, but I would love if it was a little lower. Better, then what is was before which was around 2-3v. When I have the battery seperate its like .02 or something and when just connected to the charger like .05.

Third, I have my LED power indicators connected directly to the battery not behind the switch. If the LEDs aren't taking power could this be droping the voltage. The only thing I have on them are some transistors and resistors. There are a ton of solder connects on each one. Could this be causing my .25v extra powerloss, since its connected directly to the power?
lol, meaning? Not fully understanding what that is suppose to mean.

Those numbers stated above were suppose to be .02v and .05v not .2v and .5v.
I really doubt ANYTHING except the battery quality effects the speed of voltage loss.